#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #38 (Bonus) – March 5, 2015

#‎TBT‬ (Bonus). Aaron’s tv show THE BRIDGE premiered on CTV (Canada) 5 years ago today on March 5, 2010.

This is the first trailer that was released. I watch it so many times back in the day that I can still quote it word for word. lol.

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #02 – February 27, 2014

#TBT. Behind-the-scenes photos of Aaron on the set of his tv show THE BRIDGE (http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B005GNU5U6).

1st photo: Kris Holden-Ried (Mike Bodanski), Arnold Pinnock (Darryl), Aaron Douglas (Frank Leo), Theresa Joy (Billy), Craig Bromell, Toby Proctor (Ross),
Paul Popowich (Tommy Dunn), Inga Cadranel (Jill), Frank Cassini (“Rabbi”), Genadijs Dolganovs (Alex)

2nd photo: Colin Corrigan, Toby Proctor (Ross), Aaron Douglas (Frank Leo), Kris Holden-Ried (Mike Bodanski)

3rd photo: Paul Popowich (Tommy Dunn), Toby Proctor (Ross), Aaron Douglas (Frank Leo), Frank Cassini (“Rabbi”).

THE BRIDGE: Frank and Jill Play House in S2 (???)

We still have no idea what’s going on with season two of THE BRIDGE. The actors haven’t even been given a date on when S2 is scheduled to start filming in Toronto.

I hope the writers haven’t already planned out the story arc for the season because they might need to make some changes :) The below photo was taken at the ‘Fashion Television’ 25th Anniversary on September 7th in Toronto. The accompanying article describes Inga Cadranel as ‘newly pregnant’.


Congratulations to Inga and her husband Gabriel Hogan (the son of Michael Hogan who played Col. Tigh on BSG).

For those that need a reminder … Inga plays Jill (a detective). Frank (Aaron’s character) is sleeping with both Jill and Abby (the lawyer). They should write Inga’s pregnancy into the show. Frank stops being a womaniser (yeah, like that will happen) and settles down with Jill. Abby gets so upset that she leaves and never comes back :)

THE BRIDGE: 25th Annual Gemini Awards

Yesterday morning the nominations for the 25th Annual Gemini Awards were announced.

Now I know that most of you never got to see THE BRIDGE because #&$*%@# CBS cancelled it after only airing 3 episodes, but Alex (played by Genadijs Dolganovs) was my favourite character on THE BRIDGE (don’t tell Aaron I said that *g*) and it always bugged me that he was left off the main cast list and in the promo photos and was never interviewed about the show. He was the best thing about the show. Congratulations Genadijs, this nomination is well deserved.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series
Clé Bennett – The Line – Episode 203, Episode 206
Sergio Di Zio – Flashpoint – One Wrong Move, The Good Citizen
Genadijs Dolganovs – The Bridge – Painted Ladies, Chain of Fools
Sebastian Pigott – Being Erica – Yes We Can, The Unkindest Cut
Mark Taylor – Flashpoint – Exit Wounds, One Wrong Move


THE BRIDGE: iTunes Season Pass

For those of us that purchased a Season Pass on iTunes for THE BRIDGE, we will be receiving a partial refund.

From: iTunes Store
Sent: Saturday, 14 August 2010 1:19 AM
Subject: Your Season Pass Purchase for The Bridge

Dear Michelle,

The Bridge has come to a close. There were fewer episodes in this season than we anticipated at the time of your purchase.

To make up for the difference, we have issued a partial refund to your account. These funds will be applied to your original payment method within 5 business days.

iTunes Store Team

“There were fewer episodes in this season than we anticipated at the time of your purchase.”

That’s because CBS aired the show at 8pm on a Saturday in summer and didn’t advertise the show at all. So no one watched and it was cancelled due to poor ratings.

THE BRIDGE: TV Guide Canada – Ask Amber

In the Canadian TV GUIDE in the ASK AMBER column, a fan asks if there will be a second season of THE BRIDGE.

Ask Amber: Aug. 2
By Amber Dowling

Have a burning TV question that you just can’t wait to have answered?
Ask Amber every Monday …

Hey Amber, Now that CBS cancelled The Bridge, will we see a second season in Canada? – Jeff

Heck, yes we will – CTV confirms a second helping of the Canadian drama is indeed still on tap, despite CBS’s mistreatment of the series. Creator Craig Bromell says that the second instalment will focus more on character development now that he has a first season under his belt.

And for those who were disappointed the first season of the Toronto-shot series (which pretended not to be shot in Toronto), that could change for the second instalment. Bromell, who is the former head of the Toronto Police Association, couldn’t get insurance on The Bridge to be shot in Toronto so long as his name was attached to the project – he’s made his fair share of enemies over the years, and having his experiences thrown onto the small screen hasn’t sat well with everybody. But he’s working on getting that changed now that the show had a fairly successful first season, and hopes insurance will come through this time around.

Source: TV Guide Canada – Ask Amber (August 2-10, 2010)

THE BRIDGE: TCA (Television Critics Association) Summer Press Tour 2010

Today at the TCA Summer Press Tour, Nina Tassler (President of CBS Entertainment) talked about the cancellation of THE BRIDGE.

Below is a copy and paste of just the mentions of THE BRIDGE

8:50 a.m. In case you didn’t notice, CBS pulled “The Bridge” early. “The show wasn’t delivering the numbers we needed,” Tassler explains simply. That doesn’t mean, though, that the Canadian pipeline has dried up. She says “maybe” regarding the future of “Flashpoint.”

Source: HitFix.com

The cancellation of The Bridge: “The show wasn’t delivering the numbers we needed. Generally, our summer strategy works.”

Source: Televisionary

In the panel discussion that the cast and producers had after the set tour, what became most apparent about “Parenthood” is that NBC is behind the show. The producers and several of the actors stated that they really didn’t hit their stride until the 6th episode, and this was after a pilot that they thought was a little wobbly. Compare that to CBS and their treatment of “The Bridge” (and probably “Flashpoint”) in that they had no problem killing the series after 3 episodes, giving the show virtually no time to find its legs, because “it wasn’t giving us the numbers”, not that NBC hasn’t been guilty of similar behavior. Why was “Parenthood” spared? The Ron Howard connection? Whatever the mystery it’s nice to see what could be a superb show catching a break and being given time to find itself.

Source: TV Junkie

The Canadian conversation with Tassler got started when she was asked about CBS recently dropping another CTV series, The Bridge, after only three episodes. “The show was not delivering the numbers we needed,” said Tassler, who added, “I think we’ll continue to look at other ways to do Canadian shows.” But when asked specifically if the relationship between Flashpoint and CBS will continue beyond this summer, Tassler said, “Maybe – I haven’t decided yet.” Regardless of CBS, a fourth season of Flashpoint and a second season of The Bridge have been ordered by CTV.

Source: Toronto Sun

Nina on pulling The Bridge from Saturday nights: The show wasn’t delivering the numbers we needed. Generally, our Summer strategies work. We’ll look at doing Canadian shows in future. I haven’t decided yet.

Source: Sitcoms Online


“The show wasn’t delivering the numbers we needed” — Nina Tassler

You aired THE BRIDGE at 8pm on a Saturday IN SUMMER!!!. And you didn’t advertise the show at all. What did you expect?!?!?
I’m pretty sure that if you look up the word “idiot” (yes, I’m restraining myself) in the dictionary you will see a photo of this woman.

THE BRIDGE: Craig Bromell says there will be a Season 2

Craig Bromell, one of the producers of THE BRIDGE (and the man that Frank Leo is loosely based on) says they are going ahead with season 2.

CBS pulls ‘The Bridge’ from summer lineup
Date: July 22nd, 2010

TORONTO — CBS has pulled the Canadian cop drama “The Bridge” from its summer schedule after airing just three episodes, but producers are hopeful that this isn’t the end of the road for the series in the U.S.

Co-producer Craig Bromell — whose insights as a former Toronto police union head inspired the storylines — says CBS told him earlier this week that it’s snipping the show from its Saturday-night lineup, effective immediately, for “reasons of fall scheduling.”

But he adds that the American network hasn’t completely given up on the show, which airs in CTV in Canada.

“They said: ‘We’re going to pull the show.’ They never said to us they’re going to cancel it,” Bromell said Thursday in a phone interview from Toronto, where the series is shot.

“What we do is we’re putting together Season 2 (for which) we have a commitment letter from CTV so we’re moving forward, and then we go back to CBS and say, ‘OK, are you guys still in?”‘

Written by five-time Gemini Award-winner Alan Di Fiore, “The Bridge” stars Aaron Douglas as outspoken cop-turned-union head Frank Leo and Paul Popowich as his partner and confidante, Tommy Dunn.

CTV picked up the project as a series in November 2008 and CBS jumped onboard in February 2009.

The Canadian network aired the series on Friday nights at 10 p.m. ET, from last March 5 to May 21, netting an average audience of one million viewers, according to BBM Canada.

CBS didn’t begin broadcasting the series until recently, on Saturday nights at 8 p.m. ET, and online reports say the ratings were low.

When asked if the CBS timeslot potentially hurt the show’s chances south of the border, Bromell said: “Let me put it to you this way: it’s a 10 o’clock show designed for Thursday and Friday.

“We go on at 8 o’clock with no promotion and our lead-in is infomercials at 7:30. But I do appreciate everything CBS did for me.”

Bromell also noted that CBS “paid upfront” for all 13 episodes of Season 1 so there are still “a number of options” for the series south of the border.

“Obviously we go back and say, ‘You guys have been good partners,’ and truthfully, CBS has been really good to work with, CTV has been very good to work with,” he said.

“My philosophy is we can pout and be pissed off or we move forward. We have Season 2, CBS was very good to us, it’s the nature of the business.

“We feel we have a very good show here, we feel there’s an audience for it. Our job is to find that audience, no matter who we’re with, and try to be as successful as we can.

Source: CTV News

From the rumours I’ve been hearing … HELLCATS will film in Vancouver until November. And then filming of Season 2 of THE BRIDGE will start after that in Toronto. Fingers crossed that these rumours are true.

THE BRIDGE: CBS Cancels The Bridge After Just Three Episodes

Looks like the rumours are true about The Bridge being cancelled. The article below says that CBS will be airing a repeat of Cold Case this Saturday.

CBS Cancels The Bridge After Just Three Episodes

Wow! It turns out that a scripted show can get too low a rating to survive in the summer: Vulture has learned that after airing just three episodes, CBS has decided to pull the plug on Canadian cop show The Bridge, effective immediately. The import was buried on Saturday night, and virtually nobody watched: Last week’s episode was seen by just 2.8 million viewers, with only 426,000 of those viewers under 50. In that young demo, that’s fewer than who watched repeats of the long-canceled CBS drama Moonlight on the CW last week. So even though CBS paid very little for The Bridge — less than $500,000 an episode, per industry estimates — the network decided that airing repeats of other CBS crime shows (starting with Cold Case this week) would make more sense.

Source: New York Magazine

UPDATE: I just checked the schedule on the CBS website and yep, there are repeats of COLD CASE starting this Saturday in what use to be the time slot for THE BRIDGE :'( http://www.cbs.com/info/schedule/index.php

UPDATE: There is a feedback form on the CBS website.
Go here http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php and choose THE BRIDGE from the drop down box.

I’m not sure if that is the correct place to go to, to let CBS know that we think they’ve made a terrible mistake in cancelling THE BRIDGE, but it’s worth a shot.

There is also the CBS facebook fanpage for THE BRIDGE where you can leave comments.

THE BRIDGE: CBS Exclusive Preview for 1×04: The Unguarded Moment

Below is a screen cap from the front page of the CBS website for THE BRIDGE.

When you click on WATCH NOW it shows the video below.

This is what CBS are calling the “exclusive preview” for 1×04: The Unguarded Moment?!?!?!
Really CBS? That is not an exclusive preview. It’s not even a trailer for the episode. That is a trailer for the show/series. CBS FAIL …. again.

THE BRIDGE (BLOG) – John McFetridge: Change of Plans (July 21, 2010)

Change of Plans
By: John McFetridge
Date: July 21, 2010
Source: Do Some Damage – An Inside Look at Crime Fiction


My post this week was going to be about this Saturday’s episode of The Bridge on CBS, “The Unguarded Moment,” which I co-wrote with Dannis Koromilas but I heard today that the show has been canclled and no further epiodes will air. I’m not sure if the episodes will be available on the CBS website or iTunes.

So, while it would have been a lot easy to make sense of my mess of a post if there was an episode of the show to go along with it, here it is anyway:

The Bridge was my first experience writing for TV and it was a creatively ambitious show – it wasn’t a police procedural with a murder victim in the opening scene and an arrest just before the end credits (or, usually, just before the final ironic insight from the lead detective) but rather it was (or was originally to have been) about the inner workings of a big city police department, the politics, ambitions, compromises, corruption – all these challenges faced from the point of view of a beat cop who gets elected union president.

This point of view opened up all kinds of new areas for a cop show to dig into and for mainstream networks like CBS and CTV that would make them a little… well, let’s say nervous.

And there were a lot of bumps on the road. The set-up lends itself best to a serialization but CBS wanted as episodic a show as possible. This led to a lot of rewriting and changes from the original plan.

“The Unguarded Moment” (the title is from a song by Dannis’s favourite band, The Church),

was written to be episode eleven or twelve out of thirteen but CTV aired it fourth and CBS had it scheduled to be fourth (these numbers are a little confusing because at first a two-hour TV movie was made and then the series was commissioned and the movie was split into two one-hour episodes – with a few new scenes added to make the split work better – but then both networks ran them back-to-back as a single episode) probably because it was one of the most stand-alone episodes.

Or at least it was one of the ones it was easiest to rewrite into a stand-alone.

A restaurant owner fed up landering money for a drug dealer stages a robbery that goes wrong when a cop is shot. It becomes a hostage taking and our hero, Frank Leo, takes charge.

Sounds simple, but it went through many, many rewrites.

In the first incarnation, the bad guys bringing the money to be laundered were SWAT cops (connected to the larger corrupt police conspiracy that was played down when the show became more episodic) who stole it from big-time drug dealers and the restaurant owner, a woman named Cassandra in our draft, was in over head with these guys (we tried to imply an uneasy history here) and wanted out – but she wanted to keep the million dollars so she staged the robbery so she could at least stall the bad cops while she took off to Cypress. It gets even more complicated when those SWAT guys are at the hostage-taking and just want to burst in and kill everyone so they can keep their secret and get their money back.

Frank, of course, suspects all is not what it seems and has to save the injured cop being held hostage and root out the bad SWAT guys – who may even come after him.

But by episode ten we’d had an awful lot of bad cops on The Bridge so it was decided that we wouldn’t have any in this episode. And we wanted the episode to be more stand-alone. The robbery is still staged, though to be honest, when the gentleman drug dealer (now no longer the SWAT guys) comes in and says he only deals with hash because with hard drugs you have to deal with people with, “bad attitudes and guns,” I’m not sure why the restaurant owner (now named Ella St. George) doesn’t just say, “well, okay, thanks for the money,” and get on the plane to Cypress.

Anyway, there’s a staged robbery, an injured cop being held hostage by some bad guys and Frank Leo negotiating to get him out.

And I’ve heard a rumour that the ending of the CBS version is very different from the ending of the version aired on CTV last March.

(well, now I guess we may never know what that alternate ending was.)

THE BRIDGE: Cancelled by CBS (?!?!?)

I’ve just heard some really sad news.

The rumour is that CBS have cancelled THE BRIDGE :'(
Apparently they won’t even be airing this weeks episode (1×04: The Unguarded Moment).

You can comment on this news over on THE CHIEF’S DECK.

THE BRIDGE: 1×03: The Fat Lady Sings the Blues – Trailer?

Has anyone seen a CBS trailer for this Saturday’s episode of THE BRIDGE? I can’t find one online anywhere. Was a trailer shown during the end credits of last weeks episode?

In the absence of a CBS trailer, here is the link to the CTV trailer for this episode when it aired in Canada in March (so ignore the day/time at the end of the video). This episode airs on Saturday July 17th at 8pm on CBS (USA). The CTV and CBS synopsis for this episode as well as the CBS Promo Photos are also at the link below.


THE BRIDGE: The 7 episodes that CBS will be airing

As you are already aware, CBS will only be airing 7 of the 13 episodes from season one of THE BRIDGE.
Below is the list of all 13 episodes in season one. The episode names highlighted in pink are the 7 episodes that CBS will be airing.

CBS FAIL!!!! :(


THE BRIDGE: iTunes (USA store)

The pilot episode of THE BRIDGE (1×01: Red Door / 1×02: Paint It Black) is now available to purchase in the iTunes USA store.
Each episode is $2.99 each (for HD) and $1.99 (for Standard Definition). Or you can buy a season pass for $14.99 (HD) / $10.99 (SD).


An episode is $2.99 each. You can buy a “season pass” for $14.99.
$14.99 dived by $2.99 an episode is only 5 episodes.
CBS are calling 5 episodes a season (???)

So far CBS have only announced (via press releases) that they’re airing 5 episodes.

1×01: Red Door / 1×02: Paint It Black (July 10th, 2010)
1×03: The Fat Lady Sings the Blues (July 17th, 2010)
1×04: The Unguarded Moment (July 24th, 2010)
1×05: Vexation of Spirit (July 31st, 2010)

Did airing 7 of the 13 episodes, get changed to only 5 episodes? :(

THE BRIDGE: Episodes (1×01: Red Door / 1×02: Paint It Black) available to watch online

The pilot episode of THE BRIDGE (1×01: Red Door / 1×02: Paint It Black) is now available to watch online on the CBS website (USA Only). Please watch it online as I’m sure it counts for something with CBS tracking how many people are interested in the show.


THE BRIDGE: Ten x 1-3 minute clips (CBS)

There are ten x 1-3 minute clips from the pilot episode (1×01: Red Door / 1×02: Paint It Black) of THE BRIDGE available to watch on the CBS website.


The Bridge – Very Close Call (Clip 3:04)


The Bridge – Never Marry a Cop (Clip 1:35)


The Bridge – Necessary Force (Clip 1:01)


The Bridge – Was There Excess Force (Clip 3:33)


The Bridge – Franks Proposes Walk-Out (Clip 1:42)


The Bridge – Frank Gets Bribed (Clip 2:39)


The Bridge – Hot Pursuit (Clip 3:32)


The Bridge – Not a Date (Clip 1:30)


The Bridge – Dirty Cop (Clip 2:56)


The Bridge – Off The Books (Clip 3:18)

THE BRIDGE: Premieres tonight (Saturday July 10th) on CBS

We first found out that Aaron had been cast in THE BRIDGE in July 2008. Almost 2 years later and the day has finally come…..

The 2-hour pilot episode of THE BRIDGE
premieres tonight (Saturday July 10th) on CBS @ 8/7c


The CBS and CTV schedule. Click on thumbnails to enlarge images.


I’ll post an entry for the episode review thread later today. But instead of creating a new episode review thread for the USA screening of THE BRIDGE, what I will do is post a new entry but include the link to the review thread that we had for the episode when it aired on CTV (Canada) and you can add your comments there.

Make sense? This way we won’t have two separate episode threads for the one episode.

For those of us that have already watched season one of THE BRIDGE, please do not post spoilers for upcoming episodes. I know that everyone already knows not to, but I just needed to say it :)


CBS have FINALLY updated the website page they have for THE BRIDGE.

Can anyone spot the mistake?

The mistake is not on the HOME page. But it’s on the CAST page (and the 7 individual Cast Bios) and on the VIDEO and ABOUT pages.


UPDATE: Fixed now. But only because Aaron alerted them to the typo.

THE BRIDGE: Welcome to The Bridge – Some interesting/useless facts

There is only one more sleep until THE BRIDGE premieres in the USA (Saturday July 10th).
In today’s edition of “Welcome to The Bridge” here are some interesting/useless facts about ‘The Bridge’.

Inga Cadranel (who plays Jill, one of the main characters on ‘The Bridge’), is married to Gabriel Hogan. Gabriel is also an actor and will appear in an upcoming episode of ‘The Bridge’ (1×05: Vexation of Spirit). Gabriel Hogan is the son of actor Michael Hogan. Michael Hogan played (yes, you guessed it) Col. Saul Tigh on Battlestar Galactica.

Aaron’s BFF Colin Corrigan can be seen briefly in the pilot episode of ‘The Bridge’.

Colin played Marine Allan Nowart on Battlestar Galactica. If you’re a fan of SUPERNATURAL, that was Colin playing the demon (with the brief case) who got to beat up Sam Winchester in the alleyway in episode 5×14: My Bloody Valentine (You can watch a video clip of that HERE). Colin was also at DragonCon 2008 and joined in on the BSG panel.

In the pilot episode of ‘The Bridge’, Aaron can be seen wearing this tshirt.

That is Aaron’s own tshirt. No he didn’t ‘steal’ it from wardrobe :) He’s been wearing their designs for years, long before ‘The Bridge’ even existed.

The t-shirt is from 7lightningbolt*. Below are some more items that Aaron owns from the same designers.

UPDATE: This is their ETSY page.

Toby Proctor guest-stars in the pilot episode of ‘The Bridge’. Toby has appeared in some of Aaron’s tweets.