THE BRIDGE: TV Guide Canada – Ask Amber

In the Canadian TV GUIDE in the ASK AMBER column, a fan asks if there will be a second season of THE BRIDGE.

Ask Amber: Aug. 2
By Amber Dowling

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Hey Amber, Now that CBS cancelled The Bridge, will we see a second season in Canada? – Jeff

Heck, yes we will – CTV confirms a second helping of the Canadian drama is indeed still on tap, despite CBS’s mistreatment of the series. Creator Craig Bromell says that the second instalment will focus more on character development now that he has a first season under his belt.

And for those who were disappointed the first season of the Toronto-shot series (which pretended not to be shot in Toronto), that could change for the second instalment. Bromell, who is the former head of the Toronto Police Association, couldn’t get insurance on The Bridge to be shot in Toronto so long as his name was attached to the project – he’s made his fair share of enemies over the years, and having his experiences thrown onto the small screen hasn’t sat well with everybody. But he’s working on getting that changed now that the show had a fairly successful first season, and hopes insurance will come through this time around.

Source: TV Guide Canada – Ask Amber (August 2-10, 2010)