Aaron Douglas is best known for his portrayal of Chief Galen Tyrol on Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica. Before joining the Battlestar cast Aaron had roles on many films and TV shows including: X-Men 2, iRobot, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Outer Limits and many many more. Since Battlestar Galactica we have found Aaron in his own show The Bridge and as the evil Bill Marsh on Hellcats. Aaron has guest starred in an episode of Eureka, an episode of CBS’ Flashpoint as well as a couple of Syfy creature features Ghost Storm and Killer Mountain where Aaron is teamed for the first time, since Battlestar, with his good friend and former cast mate Paul Campbell. Most recently, Aaron played Sheriff Tom Sworn in Hemlock Grove, Evan Henderson in The Killing and Tony Darrow in The Returned.

Aaron does a lot of work for charities and the majority of his efforts go to the Canadian Cancer Foundation and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.