THE BRIDGE: Premieres tonight (Saturday July 10th) on CBS

We first found out that Aaron had been cast in THE BRIDGE in July 2008. Almost 2 years later and the day has finally come…..

The 2-hour pilot episode of THE BRIDGE
premieres tonight (Saturday July 10th) on CBS @ 8/7c


The CBS and CTV schedule. Click on thumbnails to enlarge images.


I’ll post an entry for the episode review thread later today. But instead of creating a new episode review thread for the USA screening of THE BRIDGE, what I will do is post a new entry but include the link to the review thread that we had for the episode when it aired on CTV (Canada) and you can add your comments there.

Make sense? This way we won’t have two separate episode threads for the one episode.

For those of us that have already watched season one of THE BRIDGE, please do not post spoilers for upcoming episodes. I know that everyone already knows not to, but I just needed to say it :)