THE BRIDGE: Frank and Jill Play House in S2 (???)

We still have no idea what’s going on with season two of THE BRIDGE. The actors haven’t even been given a date on when S2 is scheduled to start filming in Toronto.

I hope the writers haven’t already planned out the story arc for the season because they might need to make some changes :) The below photo was taken at the ‘Fashion Television’ 25th Anniversary on September 7th in Toronto. The accompanying article describes Inga Cadranel as ‘newly pregnant’.


Congratulations to Inga and her husband Gabriel Hogan (the son of Michael Hogan who played Col. Tigh on BSG).

For those that need a reminder … Inga plays Jill (a detective). Frank (Aaron’s character) is sleeping with both Jill and Abby (the lawyer). They should write Inga’s pregnancy into the show. Frank stops being a womaniser (yeah, like that will happen) and settles down with Jill. Abby gets so upset that she leaves and never comes back :)