#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #X – June 14, 2018 (Bonus Photo)

#TBT. 5 years ago, today (June 14, 2013) behind-the-scenes photo of Aaron and Hugh Dillion on the set of S3 of THE KILLING. I was soooo excited when Aaron landed this role because I am a HUGE Hugh Dillion fan. I must have begged Aaron 100 times to get a photo with Hugh, which is something he doesn’t like to do (which is why we didn’t get pics with the Supernatural boys).

#TBT 5 years ago, today (June 14, 2013) behind-the-scenes photo of Aaron and Hugh Dillion on the set of S3 of The…

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#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #X – May 31, 2018

#TBT. 10 years ago (May 29, 2008), Ed Robertson from one of Aaron’s favourite bands Barenaked Ladies, visited the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA set. Aaron said that meeting Ed was one of the highlights of his time on BSG.

#TBT. 10 years ago (May 29, 2008), Ed Robertson from one of Aaron's favourite bands Barenaked Ladies, visited the…

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#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #X – May 10, 2018

#TBT. 2 years ago (May 11-12, 2016) was Aaron’s photo shoot in Los Angeles for the MEN OF SCIENCE FICTION book. To celebrate the occasion, here’s another pic from that photo shoot. I want to jokingly ask if everyone has received their books yet but I’m afraid someone will say no.

#TBT. 2 years ago (May 11-12, 2016) was Aaron's photo shoot in Los Angeles for the MEN OF SCIENCE FICTION book. To…

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#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #X – June 14, 2018

#TBT. Who wants to feel old? 😉 It was 10 years ago that they found nuked earth on BSG. Below is the link to my tweet with the video clip because if I post the video here, Facebook gets cranky ~ michelle (admin)

EDIT: Aaron’s comment to that tweet ….
Spot Chief’s reaction. My take was “of course it’s a burned out waste land. Of course we can’t live here. What else were we expecting?” After a take I said “James, if the writers strike goes long, this will be the final episode of BSG.” That was truth.

#TBT Who wants to feel old? 😉 It was 10 years ago that they found nuked earth on BSG. Below is the link to my tweet with…

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#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #66 – February 23, 2017

#TBT. 10 years ago on February 25, 2007 the BSG episode DIRTY HANDS aired. Milo (Samuel Patrick Chu) and Chief will be reunited in next week’s episode of IMPOSTERS (airing Tuesday Feb 28, 2017)

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #64 – November 24, 2016

#TBT. Behind-the-scenes photo of Aaron in one of the rooms at Riverview Hospital (an abandoned mental health facility in Coquitlam near Vancouver). In the world of DIRK GENTLY, Riverview Hospital is the ‘Animal Transfer Unit’. The photo on the left is what Aaron tweeted during filming back in July. The photo on the right is what he sent me. He loved sending me photos of him doing the Gordon Rimmer face because it creeped me out. lol.

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #63 – November 17, 2016

#TBT. Behind-the-scenes photo of Aaron during his wardrobe fitting of the “yak fur” coat for DIRK GENTLY. The two photos on the right are screen caps from last week’s episode 1×04: Watkin. And yes, he’s wearing his cylon/viper t-shirt :) A huge THANK YOU to Aaron for letting me share this photo and the kitten photo last week. I’m loving all these BTS photos.

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #62 – November 10, 2016

#TBT. During the early days of filming on DIRK GENTLY, executive producer Arvind Ethan David tweeted a photo of a kitten on set. OMG A KITTEN!!!!! So I quickly texted Aaron and asked him to go find the kitten and take a photo with it. He said he didn’t know where it was. So I tweeted Arvind and asked him to (please) bring the kitten to Aaron and get a photo. The 1st photo is what Arvind tweeted. As you can see, most of Aaron’s face is cut out of the photo because back then it was a “secret” as to what Gordon Rimmer would look like (the vintage glasses, the slicked back greasy hair). But now that the show has aired, here’s the other two photos that Aaron took with the kitten, but in character as creepy Gordon Rimmer :) And for that “awwwww” moment … in that first photo, Aaron said that the kitten slept like than in his arms for about an hour.

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #59 – March 10, 2016

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode 2×20: LAY DOWN YOUR BURDENS (PART 2). This episode aired 10 years ago on March 10, 2006. #BSG10YEARS.

Episode Synopsis: As the sun rises on Caprica, Starbuck and Anders discover that the Cylons have vanished. Brother Cavil declares it to be a miracle. But when the rescue team and civilian survivors return to the Galactica, the real reason for their survival becomes clear: Brother Cavil is a Cylon – his duplicate counseled Tyrol – and he has come here to deliver a message: The “Heroes of the Cylon” – Number Six and Sharon Valerii – have persuaded the Cylon leadership that trying to destroy the humans was an error. From now on the two civilizations will live apart, in peace.

At the same time, voting continues in the Colonial presidential election. President Roslin approaches Baltar and proposes that, whoever wins, colonization of the newly discovered planet should be postponed until further study is done. Baltar spurns her offer, so she confronts him about Number Six, but he remains unfazed by her accusation.

Panicked at the thought of Baltar taking control of humanity’s fate, Roslin instructs her aide to take all necessary steps to steal the election. The plot, however, is discovered by Lt. Gaeta, and Laura and Adama must choose between denying the will of the people and letting a man they suspect to be a Cylon collaborator take power. For Laura, the question is difficult, but the answer is never in doubt: she and Adama allow their plot to unravel. Baltar wins.

As President Baltar is sworn in, his Cylon lover, Gina, enacts a final vengeance against the fleet, detonating a nuclear warhead that destroys the Cloud Nine luxury liner. Despite the tragic loss of several ships, colonization of the planet, dubbed “New Caprica”, goes ahead over Adama’s objections.

Time passes; more and more of the fleet’s population relocates to the surface, leaving only skeleton crews aboard the Galactica and the Pegasus. Through it all, Adama remains uneasy; he anticipates the return of the Cylons. And a year later, his fears are borne out, as a Cylon invasion force jumps into the system and lands on New Caprica. Outflanked and overpowered, Adama and his son Lee order their battlestars out of the system, leaving the civilian colony defenseless as a Cylon occupying force arrives to announce the dawn of a new era….

directed by: MICHAEL RYMER
special guest star: RICHARD HATCH as Tom Zarek
special guest star: DEAN STOCKWELL as Brother Cavil
special guest star: MICHAEL TRUCCO as Sam Anders

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #58 – March 3, 2016

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode 2×19: LAY DOWN YOUR BURDENS (PART 1). This episode aired 10 years ago on March 3, 2006. #BSG10YEARS.

Episode Synopsis: Aboard the Pegasus, Capt. Kara Thrace briefs a room full of Raptor crews and marines for a dangerous, volunteer-only mission to Caprica, to rescue the civilian survivors on the planet’s surface. Using information obtained from the captive Cylon Sharon, they’ve linked their Raptors’ navigation systems to the superior navigational capabilities of their captured Cylon heavy raider.

Meanwhile, in separate private quarters on the Galactica, President Roslin and Vice President Baltar each prepare notes for their first presidential debate, to be televised to the fleet. As Roslin memorizes her talking points, Baltar is hectored by Six’s religious exhortations to have faith that the election will unfold as “God intends.”

As the rest of the fleet watches the start of the presidential debate, Specialist Cally finds Chief Tyrol asleep under a Viper. She reaches out and wakes him, and he explodes to consciousness, reflexively lashes out and pummels her with a raging, brutal assault. Then he regains control, is horrified by what he’s done, and calls desperately for medical assistance.

After the first debate, President Roslin enjoys a commanding lead over Baltar in the polls. Then, as if in response to Baltar’s sarcastic plea for a miracle, one of the Raptors from the Caprica rescue mission returns early with stunning news: Because of a miscalculated hyperspace Jump, they’ve accidentally discovered a habitable planet, in a region of space that will hide them from the Cylons’ sensors.

On the advice of Tom Zarek, Baltar uses the planet’s discovery as a political wedge issue. He fans the civilian population’s desire for a new home, a safe home, an end to the constant running. Popular opinion swings sharply against Roslin, who is unprepared to give up the search for Earth.

Tyrol seeks counseling from a priest named Brother Cavil, who gets the chief to talk about the nightmares that have plagued him for weeks. Finally, Cavil helps Tyrol confront what’s really bothering him: Somewhere deep down inside, Tyrol is afraid that he might, like Sharon, really be a Cylon.

Light-years away on Caprica, the Colonial rescue mission reaches Sam Anders and his surviving resistance fighters. No sooner are Kara and Sam reunited, however, than they find themselves caught in the midst of a Cylon ambush.

written by: RONALD D. MOORE
directed by: MICHAEL RYMER
special guest star: RICHARD HATCH as Tom Zarek
special guest star: DEAN STOCKWELL as Brother Cavil
special guest star: MICHAEL TRUCCO as Sam Anders

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #57 – February 25, 2016

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode 2×18: DOWNLOADED. This episode aired 10 years ago on February 24, 2006. #BSG10YEARS.

Episode Synopsis: On Caprica, the reincarnated Number Six and Sharon Valerii are hailed as “Heroes of the Cylon” for the key roles they played in the near-destruction of the human race.

But these are tortured heroes. Six’s thoughts are haunted by Baltar, just as she haunts his thoughts on the Galactica. Sharon, meanwhile, has so fervently embraced her love for Tyrol and the fake human memories the Cylons created for her undercover mission, that the Cylon leadership – D’Anna and Doral – are thinking of “boxing” her: putting her consciousness into permanent cold storage, a living death.

Elsewhere on Caprica, the human resistance, under the leadership of Kara Thrace’s lover, Samuel Anders, is preparing to strike a savage blow, however futile it might ultimately be, against the Cylon occupation. As the fates of Caprica Sharon and Sam Anders converge, the future of two peoples hinges upon a cruel twist of fate.

On the Galactica, the captive Sharon gives premature birth to Hera, the child she conceived with Helo. As the infant fights for her life, she becomes the focus of intrigue. President Roslin and the Cylons hidden within the fleet scheme against each other for control of the newborn girl, and to determine whether she will become a symbol of hope … or a harbinger of human extinction.

directed by: JEFF WOOLNOUGH
special guest star: LUCY LAWLESS as D’Anna

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #56 – February 18, 2016

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode 2×17: THE CAPTAIN’S HAND. This episode aired 10 years ago on February 17, 2006. #BSG10YEARS.

Episode Synopsis: On the Galactica, movement inside a cargo container draws the suspicion of Tyrol and his deck crew. When the box is opened, a stowaway is found inside, a pregnant 17-year-old girl named Rya Kibby. Once in custody, she asks to be brought to Doc Cottle.

Meanwhile, a pair of Raptors from the Pegasus, out on a training exercise in a region of intense radiation that interferes with communications, relay a garbled distress signal back to the Pegasus, under the command of the recently promoted engine room chief, Commander Barry Garner. Before Garner and his crew can verify the Raptors’ transmission, the Raptors jump away and vanish from the fleet’s dradis screens.

Ratcheting up the tension aboard the Pegasus is the running feud between Garner and flight training supervisor Capt. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, a battle of wills that is only made worse by the arrival of Garner’s interim XO, Lee “Apollo” Adama, newly promoted to the rank of major.

Back on the Galactica, Rya Kibby’s desire to exercise her legal right to an abortion, and the revelation that Doc Cottle has been providing this service to women in the fleet for the past few months, becomes an incendiary political issue. The fleet’s pro-life Gemenon faction threatens to pull its support for President Laura Roslin unless she condemns the practice of abortion and makes it illegal.

Aboard the Pegasus, Commander Garner proves unequal to the responsibility of commanding a battlestar. He insists on mounting a quixotic rescue mission, despite Starbuck’s insistence that the signal the Raptors followed was almost certainly a Cylon trap. But when Garner disobeys a direct order from Admiral Adama and orders the Pegasus to go after its missing aircraft, it’s up to Apollo to take action and prevent the Pegasus and her crew from becoming the Cylons’ next victims.

As the abortion debate flares throughout the fleet, Roslin is forced to take a stand on the issue. Recognizing that every potential life counts in a shrinking human population, Roslin ponders an executive order that will create a wedge issue – one which Gaius Baltar is almost certain to exploit as he launches his own surprise bid for the Colonial presidency.

written by: JEFF VLAMING
special guest star: RICHARD HATCH as Tom Zarek

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #55 – February 4, 2016

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode 2×15: SCAR. This episode aired 10 years ago on February 3, 2006. #BSG10YEARS.

Episode Synopsis: The colonial mining ship Majahual has been working around the clock for a month extracting essential metals from an asteroid. The fleet has moved on, leaving Galactica behind to guard the miners from persistent Cylon raids.

The Viper pilots’ deadliest foe is an enemy Raider that they’ve nicknamed “Scar”, the combat-savvy reincarnation of countless Cylon warriors that boasts a growing list of human kills. Hiding out in the asteroid belt, Scar is a master of hit-and-run attacks that are decimating the war-weary Viper squadrons and forcing them to throw inexperienced replacement pilots into the fray.

The shaken pilots, led by Capt. Lee “Apollo” Adama, cover their distress at the mounting casualties by adopting a hardboiled demeanor. But neither booze nor a lustful encounter with Lee can vanquish the battle-fatigue or the demons that haunt Lt. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace.

Tempers explode between Kara and Lt. Louanne “Kat” Katraine, who insists that Starbuck is dangerously off her game. A fierce competition ensues as to which of them will obliterate Scar.

But when Scar traps both Starbuck and Kat in an ambush, Kara must swallow her pride and support her brash young rival in a climactic dogfight against the Cylons’ top gun.

directed by: MICHAEL NANKIN

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #54 – January 28, 2016

#TBT. The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode (2×14: Black Market) that aired 10 years ago didn’t have the Chief in it (BOO!!!!). So instead, here’s screen caps of a half naked Aaron :) in the GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE episode 1×09: Rule #32: F-you, Rob Frumpkis!. This episode aired one year ago on January 27, 2015. #Bear.

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #53 – January 21, 2016

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode 2×13: EPIPHANIES. This episode aired 10 years ago on January 20, 2006. #BSG10YEARS.

Episode Synopsis: Cancer-stricken President Laura Roslin lies near death in the Galactica’s sickbay. Still lucid and in command, she orders that the pregnancy of the Cylon spy Sharon be terminated, after inexplicable properties are discovered in a fetal blood sample.

Dr. Gaius Baltar, who, as vice president, is poised to assume the presidency upon Roslin’s death, protests that a half-human, half-Cylon child would make an ideal case study; the child’s father, Lt. Karl “Helo” Agathon, also is outraged by Roslin’s decision.

Admiral Adama is determined to carry out Roslin’s final decree until Baltar discovers that the hybrid fetus’s blood cells might possess fantastic healing properties.

Meanwhile, a secret group of Cylon sympathizers resorts to sabotage to demand that humanity sue for peace with the Cylons. Adama arrests their leader, Royan Jahee, but the group continues its violent revolt, bombing the tylium refinery ship, leaving the fleet short of fuel and vulnerable to enemy attack.

An even more ominous threat emerges when Baltar once again connects with Gina, a flesh-and-blood version of the Number Six who lives in his head. Gina has infiltrated the sympathizers’ ranks, in an effort to promote the Cylon agenda.

Baltar realizes that President Roslin doesn’t trust him to succeed her as president, and that she might, in fact, know of his affiliation with Caprica Six, who sabotaged the Colonial defenses. He discreetly arranges for a nuclear warhead to fall into the hands of Gina and the Cylon sympathizers, placing the entire fleet in mortal jeopardy.

directed by: ROD HARDY
special guest star: COLM FEORE as President Adar

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #52 – January 14, 2016

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode 2×12: RESURRECTION SHIP (PART 2). This episode aired 10 years ago on January 13, 2006. #BSG10YEARS.

Episode Synopsis: The battlestars Pegasus and Galactica go head-to-head with Cylon baseships in a battle that will change the face of the war. But for Lt. Kara Thrace, the real war is with her conscience, as she steels herself to carry out Commander Adama’s order to assassinate Admiral Cain.

When Lee Adama hears from Kara of the order, he confronts his father and challenges the morality and the legality of the order, but Commander Adama remains resolute. For the good of the fleet, he tells his son, Admiral Cain must be eliminated.

Meanwhile, in the Pegasus brig, Pegasus crewmembers brutally assault Galactica prisoners Chief Galen Tyrol and Lt. Karl Agathon, as revenge for the homicide of one of their officers. Only a timely intervention by the Pegasus’s XO halts the beating before it becomes fatal.

As the battle to destroy the Cylons’ “resurrection ship” intensifies, members of both battlestars’ crews are forced to decide how much of their humanity they are willing to sacrifice in order to survive. Ultimately, the fight that begins with heroic self-sacrifice ends in a white-knuckle test of two commanders’ courage, and their character.

directed by: MICHAEL RYMER
special guest star: MICHELLE FORBES as Admiral Helena Cain

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #51 – January 7, 2016

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode 2×11: RESURRECTION SHIP (PART 1). This episode aired 10 years ago on January 6, 2006. #BSG10YEARS.

Episode Synopsis: Lt. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace prevents a potentially deadly face-off between the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus when she returns at the last second from her unauthorized mission in the blackbird stealth fighter, bearing stunning recon photos of the Cylons’ “resurrection ship.”

Unable to resist this tempting target, Commander William Adama and Admiral Helena Cain establish an uneasy truce as they agree to prioritize the destruction of the resurrection ship, and table their personal and professional conflicts – for now.

Adama remains distrustful, however, when he learns that Cain’s survive-at-all-costs attitude led her to order the Pegasus crew to abandon its own civilian fleet months ago. Disturbed by this news, President Laura Roslin suspects that, as soon as the resurrection ship is destroyed, Cain will jettison the Galactica’s civilian fleet, as well.

As he continues his power struggle against Cain, Adama must make an impossible decision, on the eve of a battle that could change the face of the Cylon war and decide the fate of the human race.

teleplay by: MICHAEL RYMER
directed by: MICHAEL RYMER
special guest star: MICHELLE FORBES as Admiral Helena Cain

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #50 – September 17, 2015

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the greatest BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode ever, 2×09: FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX. This episode aired 10 years ago on September 16, 2005. I had a hard time picking just 12 screen caps from this episode so you get 7 separate #TBT photos today :) #BSG10YEARS.







#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #49 – September 10, 2015

#TBT. Screen cap of Aaron in the first episode of THE CW tv series HELLCATS (1×01: A World Full of Strangers). Aaron played Bill Marsh, the head of Lancer University’s athletic department. This episode aired 5 years ago on September 8, 2010.

#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #48 – June 18, 2015

#TBT. Aaron (and some of the other BSG boys) looking very handsome in the September 2006 issue of MAXIM magazine. I *love* this photo. Aaron really is the best looking one out of all of them :)