#TBT (Throwback Thursday) #57 – February 25, 2016

#TBT. Screen caps of the Chief in the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA episode 2×18: DOWNLOADED. This episode aired 10 years ago on February 24, 2006. #BSG10YEARS.

Episode Synopsis: On Caprica, the reincarnated Number Six and Sharon Valerii are hailed as “Heroes of the Cylon” for the key roles they played in the near-destruction of the human race.

But these are tortured heroes. Six’s thoughts are haunted by Baltar, just as she haunts his thoughts on the Galactica. Sharon, meanwhile, has so fervently embraced her love for Tyrol and the fake human memories the Cylons created for her undercover mission, that the Cylon leadership – D’Anna and Doral – are thinking of “boxing” her: putting her consciousness into permanent cold storage, a living death.

Elsewhere on Caprica, the human resistance, under the leadership of Kara Thrace’s lover, Samuel Anders, is preparing to strike a savage blow, however futile it might ultimately be, against the Cylon occupation. As the fates of Caprica Sharon and Sam Anders converge, the future of two peoples hinges upon a cruel twist of fate.

On the Galactica, the captive Sharon gives premature birth to Hera, the child she conceived with Helo. As the infant fights for her life, she becomes the focus of intrigue. President Roslin and the Cylons hidden within the fleet scheme against each other for control of the newborn girl, and to determine whether she will become a symbol of hope … or a harbinger of human extinction.

directed by: JEFF WOOLNOUGH
special guest star: LUCY LAWLESS as D’Anna

VIDEO: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – 2×18: Downloaded (February 24, 2006)

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – 2×18: Downloaded (February 24, 2006)