BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The Chief’s final scene is not on Netflix

This is a clip of the Chief’s final scene from the BSG episode 4×20: DAYBREAK. This is what aired on tv on the Sci-Fi channel.




Every so often someone will mention to Aaron that the Chief’s final scene is missing from the episode on NETFLIX so I decided to take a look at it.
The scenes right before and after the Chief’s final scene (as it aired on television) are ….

– Adama flying his Husker Viper
– Anders/hybrid rambling in the tub in the CIC
– Galactica and fleet flying towards the sun
Chief, Tigh and Ellen walking together on “earth”. He tells them he’s going to Scotland
Chief walks off, Ellen and Tigh embrace, flashback of them at a strip club
– Adama and Roslin on “earth”. Roslin looking through binoculars at gazelles

In the Netflix version the scenes highlighted above in red are missing.
If I edit the start and end of the clips to the exact same place (Adama in Viper/Roslin looking through binoculars) then the length of the clips are …

3:53 – TV version (Sci-Fi Channel)
3:45 – DVD Version
1:20 – Netflix

The TV version is 8 seconds longer than the dvd version but all the same dialogue is there. There’s just extra screen time on Anders in the CIC, the fleet, etc. The Netflix version is missing the whole Chief, Ellen and Tigh scene and the strip club scene.

Below is a video clip of the TV version (3:53) and the Netflix version (1:20) so you can see what’s been cut out.


SCI-FI CHANNEL VERSION (3 minutes & 53 seconds)


NETFLIX VERSION (1 minute and 20 seconds)

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#TBT. Aaron signing director Michael Rymer and photographer Dennys Ilic’s BSG yearbooks out the back on the set of the very last BSG episode (4×20: DAYBREAK). That episode aired 5 years ago today (March 20, 2009). Photo © Dennys Ilic Photography.

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