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Aaron is now on Twitter at

Below is the message Aaron posted on THE CHIEF’S DECK to announce that he is on twitter.

Never Say NEVER

Ok fine….. I will take all of the abuse about to come my way….

But surely you’re on Twitter now? I will never use Twitter. This incessant need for constant updates and information on the minutiae of people’s lives staggers me. I have no idea why people would want to know that “Aaron just walked into his trailer and he’s about to have lunch on set.”

I am now on Twitter. My reversal in this decision actually comes from a conversation I had with Brad on his bus when he was playing MSG. Brad Twitters and does so to let his fans know about upcoming appearances, last minute changes to his schedule, release dates of things, etc…. He feels it is a very effective tool to keep his fans informed.

I have Michelle for that and she does a tremendous job.

I have decided to follow Brad into the land of Twitter not to tell everyone that I am going to the kitchen to get an apple, am walking in the rain or just fell down the stairs (although I am sure a few of you would really like the last one), I am going to use Twitter for last minute items that come up. Michelle will always get information first and I know she will post it here but there will be some things that people do not have the time or access to the internet to get. This is how I will use Twitter.

ex. If I am at a con and running late to my table or a Q&A, I will post that. If I run into someone and have a conversation that you might find interesting, I will post that. Basically all the things that come up with short notice…. that and to s#%t bag Wil Wheaton…..

So yes, never say never.

Having said that, all those people who post EVERY BLOODY LITTLE THING are still douchey….

Let the hammering of me begin…..