I just noticed that the two SYFY movies that Aaron was in are for sale over on for $12.99 each if anyone is interested. And yes, they are laughably bad cheesy b-grade movies but that’s part of the fun of watching them :)

Killer Mountain

Ghost Storm

BSG Season 4.0 DVDs (Best Buy) Exclusive Extras

That new photo of Tyrol that is on the front of one of the DVDs, is also in the book that comes with the Best Buy version of the DVDs and on one of the dvd covers.

YouTube User Violent317 has uploaded a video showing all the pages of the book.

BSG Season 4.0 DVDs (Best Buy)

If you purchase the BSG Season 4.0 DVD’s from BEST BUY (USA and CANADA) it comes with special packaging, dog tags, and a book.

One of the discs has a photo of Tyrol on it (see image above). Looks like they’ve been holding out on us with the promo photos because it’s a different photo of Tyrol than the ones that have been released so far.

Thanks to the post by jeebs83 at Battlestar Blog for the news on the DVDs.