Unfortunately Aaron has had to cancel his appearance at Infinity Con in Lake City, Florida next weekend (July 16 – 17, 2016) due to the filming of his new tv show DIRK GENTLY.

Infinity Con 2016
July 16 – 17, 2016
Columbia County Fair
Lake City, Florida. USA

CONVENTION CANCELLATION: Starfury The Ultimates 2016

Unfortunately Aaron has had to cancel his appearance at the Starfury The Ultimates convention in the UK next weekend (June 10 – 12, 2016) due to the filming of his new tv show DIRK GENTLY.

Starfury The Ultimates 2016
June 10 – 12, 2016
Blackpool, Lancashire. UK


Unfortunately Aaron has had to cancel his appearance at the 2050 Events convention in Florida this weekend (October 30 – November 1, 2015) due to filming.

2050 Events
October 30 – November 1, 2015
Daytona Beach, Florida. USA



CONVENTION CANCELLATION: Geek Media Expo 2010 & Hal-Con

I’ve just received some bad news from Aaron. Due to filming of HELLCATS he will not be able to attend Geek Media Expo this weekend and Hal-Con next weekend.


Geek Media Expo 2010
October 22nd – 24th, 2010
Nashville, TN. USA


Hal-Con 2010
October 29th – 31st, 2010
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

UPDATE: Letter from Aaron posted on the Geek Media Expo website ….

We at GMX thank Aaron for his sincerity and generosity in sending the fans this heart-felt message. We wish him luck in his new show and hope so see him again soon.


“I am so profoundly sorry that I cannot attend the GMX con this weekend in Nashville. The promoters of the event have been so patient and supportive and I feel awful that I cannot make it for them and for all of you.

I am also sorry that it is so last minute. As many of you know I am on a new show called ‘Hellcats’ and unfortunately the schedule just came out and I work Friday and Monday. There is no way I can make it to Nashville and back to Vancouver and not have more that a couple of hours to spend with ya’ll.

I LOVE Nashville, I have many friends who live there and they are just as disappointed as I am that I cannot get away.

I do plan on heading there and seeing my friends when I have a break and I promise you that I will set up at a pub somewhere, bring a bunch of sharpies, announce it at least a day before and sit and have a pint with whoever shows up and sign all of your stuff.

Again, I am so sorry.

I love you all.

See you soon.”

Aaron Douglas to the fans at GMX


Unfortunately Aaron has had to cancel his appearance at the Fedcon 18 convention in Germany next month due to the filming of his new tv show THE BRIDGE in Toronto.

Fedcon 18
May 1st – 3rd, 2009

Maritim Hotel
Godesberger Allee
53175 Bonn, Germany


Unfortunately Aaron has had to cancel his appearance at the GALACTICRUISE convention due to the filming of the Battlestar Galactica TV/DVD movie (which started shooting on Sept 8th).

GALACTICRUISE – Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration
September 15th – 19th, 2008
Cruise Boat departs from Port of Long Beach (Los Angeles, California. USA)


Unfortunately Aaron has had to cancel his appearance at the WOLF G4 convention. I know that this probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone here because we had a feeling that he may need to cancel due to work commitments (filming of THE BRIDGE in Toronto). But Aaron has just confirmed with me (and given me permission) to pass on the info that he has had to cancel.

Wolf Events: Galactica Four
August 8th – 10th, 2008

The Thistle London, Heathrow
Bath Road, Longford
West Drayton. UK


Aaron will not be appearing at the FedConUSA convention in Dallas this weekend.
For more information, please read the following posts on THE CHIEF’S DECK.


June 13th – 15th, 2008
Texas, USA


I just received an email from Aaron to say that both he and Tahmoh will not be attending The Wrath of Con event this weekend.
Below is a copy and paste of Aaron’s message …..

I cancelled wrath. I have to work, as does tahmoh. We agreed to wrath before there was a strike & we thought there would be no problem as the show would be done in March. we are in the last days of shooting & they are not officially clearing anyone for anything. I would have loved to go & my apologies to all the fans who were hoping to see me on the weekend.


The Wrath of Con
May 30th – June 1st, 2008
Panama City Beach, Florida. USA


Unfortunately, Aaron has had to cancel his appearance at United Fan Con 17 (Nov 2nd – 4th, 2007: Springfield, Massachusetts. USA) due to Battlestar Galactica commitments. The season 4 promotional photos will be shot that weekend.

CONVENTION CANCELLATION: Chiller Theatre Expo 2007

The following convention that Aaron was scheduled to appear at has been cancelled.

Chiller Theatre Expo
January 26th – 28th, 2007
Seacaucus, New Jersey. USA


Dear Chiller Theatre Fans, Guests, Vendors and Friends.
Chiller Theatre thanks you for your years of loyalty and patronage.

For the Past 15 Years, we at Chiller Theatre have prided ourselves in having put forth the very best in Horror and Sci-Fi Film Convention Entertainment. Originally, Chiller Theatre had planned to hold what would have been our fourth consecutive January Winter Weekend Horror Convention, during the last weekend of January, 2007, at the Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel.

However, irreconcilable differences have arisen between Chiller Theatre and the Crowne Plaza Hotel. In light of those differences, regrettably:

There will be no Chiller Theatre Show this coming January of 2007.
While we do not wish to subject our public to all of the gory details, succinctly put, in order for Chiller Theatre to have hosted a Show this coming January of 2007, it would have been necessary for Chiller Theatre to at least double the price of show tickets, and, to dramatically increase the price of vendors’ tables in order to satisfy all of the financial demands, and other obligations, that the Crowne Plaza Hotel sought to impose upon Chiller Theatre, as a condition of agreeing to host the show this coming January of 2007.

It would be unthinkable for Chiller Theatre to pass these added costs on to our fans, friends, vendors and guests. We would rather let the Crowne Plaza cancel the show, (which it has), than to submit to their demands.

But fear not.

Any and all tickets that were purchased for the January 2007 Chiller Theatre Show will be honored at the upcoming April 2007 Chiller Theatre Show. Details on the April Chiller Theatre Show will be provided in the near future.

Finally, we sincerely urge anyone that has made room reservations with the Crowne Plaza Hotel for the now defunct January Chiller Theatre Show, to immediately call the Crowne Plaza at (201) 348-6900 in order to cancel those reservations as soon as possible, so that they do not get charged. When you do call, be sure to get the name of the person that you spoke to, as well as any cancellation confirmation number.

Thank you for your attention and consideration. We at Chiller Theatre value your continued patronage and loyalty, and we wish you all a very happy and healthy new year . . . Whatever you are!!!!

Kevin Clement,
& the Chiller Theatre Staff
December 30, 2006