BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Sci Fi Channel Upfront (panel)

Below is the link to watch the 47 minute BSG Sci Fi Channel Upfront panel (March 18, 2008).

NOTE: The above video will not play for people outside of the USA. But there is a work around so that you can watch it.
Read the comments in this thread by positronika for the instructions.

Sci Fi Channel 2008 Upfront (

Wired has posted an article and photo from the recent Sci Fi Channel 2008 Upfront event in NYC.

Aaron gets a few mentions in the article ……..

* Aaron Douglas (the Chief) said he made a conscious decision this season to play his character differently when he’s in cylon mode. He’s curious to see if it works on screen.

* Douglas said he hated discovering he was a cylon, especially since he found out by accident three months before he was supposed to. “I was over at ‘someone’s’ house and saw some papers lying around: ‘Oooh outlines for — I gotta go to the bathroom!’ I locked myself in the bathroom and was looking for my material and suddenly, ‘WHAT!?!'” He had to keep the revelation a secret for three months, but he would occasionally go up to Moore and Eick and ask, “So, anything going on with the Chief?”

* When someone from the audience asked Mary McDonnell, who plays President Roslin, if Barack Obama had approached her to be his running mate, she replied that Hillary had. At which point Douglas quipped: “Hillary’s the final cylon.” Badabum!

Read the full article HERE.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA โ€“ Sci Fi Channel UpFront (March 18, 2008) New York City, NY

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Photographer: Adam Nemser (Photos 1-2)
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