Tyrol, Tory and Ted Bundy

The movie THE STRANGER BESIDE ME was just playing on the tv as the day time movie. I have it seen it before so I just had it on as background noise and looked up when I heard Aaron’s voice and started watching. And LOL, who is he questioning in the witness stand? It’s Rekha Sharma who plays Tory (Roslin’s assistant) on BSG.

The last time I saw this move was a couple of years ago when I edited Aaron’s scenes to put it up on the website. And obviously back then I wouldn’t have realised who the actress was.

Here’s the video clip of Aaron’s scenes from the movie.
Video Clip: Aaron Douglas – The Stranger Beside Me

Aaron and Tory’s scene are at time stamp 2:38 – 4:23.

IMAGES: The Stranger Beside Me (TV Movie) (2003)








VIDEO: The Stranger Beside Me (TV Movie) (2003)