KICKSTARTER: Men of Science Fiction by Dennys Ilic (UPDATE)

Here’s another great photo of Aaron from his MEN OF SCIENCE FICTION photo shoot. And an update on the book for the kickstarter backers. Sorry that the release of the book was delayed because of Aaron’s photo shoot. But it will be well worth the wait :)


The Chief is in the Hanger!

Actor Aaron Douglas: Chief - Battlestar Galactica | Hemlock Grove | The Flash | Dirk Gently


Hey there to our amazing and patient MOSF backers!

We know its been a long time in-betwixt updates and a lot of you have been wondering what’s going on.

First of all our deepest apologies for the tardiness and lack of contact. There is so much that goes on with keeping on top of the Kickstarter machine not to mention the actual product one is trying to supply. Managing the campaign, book design and production is a quite complex maneuver in time-management!

Part of the delay in completing the process was honoring the large, limited perks. These shoot-related rewards were highly dependent on the actors availability and schedules which change like the wind. We are happy to say that the outstanding perk … “Shoot with the Chief” is now in-the-can and wrapped so we can move forward with the final stages of production.

This now involves receiving a test print of the book which should take about 10 days. If all is up to standard and approved by our team we go into full production and will start shipping within 6 weeks! We know it’s been a long wait and are dearly appreciative of your patience and commitment to our cause.

The exciting news is that after much work and meetings we have locked-in an amazing venue in the heart of Hollywood for the book-launch to which there are a number of backer-attendees via the “Launch Yourself” Perk. This is going to be a very special event as it will be held in a space which is to become a photographic art-gallery venture between director TJ Scott and Dennys Ilic. We cant wait for you to see it! There will be MOSF related exhibitions throughout the year so if you cant make the party, you’ll always be able to visit and check out our handsome subjects on the walls.

As the days count-down we’ll send updates including sneak peeks of the prototype book when it arrives in the next couple of weeks!

Thank you all again and much Love and Rockets!



Source: Kickstarter: Men of Science Fiction by Dennys Ilic

Men of Science Fiction (May 12, 2016) Sweet! Hollywood


Men of Science Fiction (May 11, 2016) Vasquez Rocks

On Wednesday May 11, 2016, Aaron Douglas was in Los Angeles to be photographed for the MEN OF SCIENCE FICTION book by Dennys Ilic. Here are some behind-the-scenes pics from the photo shoot.

If you didn’t order yourself a copy of the MEN OF SCIENCE FICTION book when it was on Kickstarter, you can pre-order it here:


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This is not one of my behind-the-scenes photos, obviously. But I wanted to show you one of the professional photos of Aaron that was taken by Dennys for the MEN OF SCIENCE FICTION book.

Men of Science Fiction (May 10 – 12, 2016)

KICKSTARTER: Men of Science Fiction by Dennys Ilic

YES!!! The MEN OF SCIENCE FICTION book by Dennys Ilic on Kickstarter will now have photos of Aaron in the book!!!! And they’ve just added a pledge item where you can attend an exclusive photoshoot by Dennys with Aaron Douglas in Los Angeles!!! Head on over to the Kickstarter page and get yourself a copy of the book or purchase this frakking awesome photoshoot pledge item!!!