CONVENTION PHOTOS: HawaiiCon 2015 (Waimea, Hawaii) September 10 – 13, 2015

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HawaiiCon 2015 (Waimea, Hawaii. USA) September 10 – 13, 2015

1:48 PM – 9 September (Hawaii Time)

12:27PM – 14 Sep 2015 (Hawaii Time)

INTERVIEW: ‘Battlestar’ actor anticipates HawaiiCon’s fan interaction

‘Battlestar’ actor anticipates HawaiiCon’s fan interaction
By: Mike Gordon
Date: September 6, 2015
Source: Honolulu Star-Advertiser

When actor Aaron Douglas is not working, he enjoys gardening at home in Vancouver, British Columbia


Don’t misinterpret actor Aaron Douglas when he laments the workload of a guest at pop-culture conventions. It’s the price of being a TV star. The days are long but the fans are fun, the conversation interesting and the beer is free.

Douglas, best known for his role as “The Chief” Galen Tyrol in the Emmy Award-winning “Battlestar Galactica,” is a favorite among fans because he’ll talk to them even when the convention is over. He’ll invite them to join him at the bar, too.

“I like hanging out and finding out where people are from and what they do for a living,” Douglas said in a phone call from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia. “Fans like that, the accessibility. You remove the veil of celebrity and fan, and we are all people who do interesting things.”

That’s the Douglas convention goers can expect this weekend at HawaiiCon, which will be held at the Hapuna Beach Prince Resort on the Kohala Coast. The four-day convention won over Douglas during its inaugural run last year, when he spoke about his career and went snorkeling with fans. (This year he’s going to join them on a zip line.)

“There is something so relaxed and peaceful about that convention,” he said. “Normally, we are stuck in a convention center in the middle of a downtown area or somewhere noisy, but here you are staring at the ocean and I thought: I could do this all day.”

The 44-year-old Canadian took up acting in his late 20s. When he got the part for “Battlestar” in 2004, he had not done much, dividing his time between short acting gigs and working as a waiter.

“Battlestar,” the saga of a war between humans and a race of robots they created, was his big break. The role, over four seasons on the SciFi Channel (now SyFy), gave Douglas a character he is still proud of. Later he would star in the police drama “The Bridge,” which aired in Canada and briefly on CBS, and had recurring roles in “Hemlock Grove” on Netflix, “The Killing” on AMC and “The Returned” on A&E.

The Chief is the big draw at the conventions he attends. This year he will be at eight or nine of them. He’s in Atlanta this weekend, Hawaii next weekend and Houston after that.

He doesn’t feel typecast, though.

“I’m fine with it being all ‘Battlestar,'” he said. “It is the best show I have done to date. I would be very lucky and surprised if I did something else that was as important to the science-fiction genre or television as that.”

When he’s not working, Douglas leads a quiet life gardening and writing. He produced a farmers market worth of vegetables this summer: four different kinds of tomatoes, five kinds of lettuce, spinach, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, leeks, onions, peppers and Brussels sprouts. He grew tomatillos for the first time and turned to fans on Twitter for recipes.

He is also the family chef, cooking for his wife, a government worker. He specializes in seafood: halibut, prawns, mussels.

“I like harvesting stuff and building a soup or a stew or just using them fresh in a salad,” he said. “I really enjoy it.”

Two weeks ago Douglas shot an episode of the “The X-Files” revival on Fox, and he had a fan moment himself. When he was in acting school, the original version of the series was being shot in Vancouver. He wanted to be on it, but it had moved to Los Angeles by the time he graduated.

When he heard about the revival, he immediately called his agent. He wound up in a scene with his favorite characters, Mulder and Scully, aka actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

“This was a show I watched years ago that I loved, and now I am standing with them,” Douglas said. “It was a very cool experience. It was sort of surreal.”

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The HawaiiCon 2015 schedule is now available to download HERE. I’ve put together a list of Aaron’s schedule below ….



7AM-4:30PM – Zipline / 7AM-5:30PM – HeliZipline
Meet at 7AM in the HOTEL LOBBY. With Aaron Douglas, Pat Tallman, Rekha Sharma, Magda Apanowicz. ($$)
NOTE: All four celebrities are participating in the Zipline and then Rekha and Magda are continuing on to the helicopter tour.

7PM – The Stargate Jaffa Reunion Panel (BALLROOM)
Jaffa Kree! Chris Judge, Tony Amendola, and Aaron Douglas talk about their Ja#a days.



10AM – Autographs

1:00PM – Aaron Douglas Meet & Greet (POOL or REEF LOUNGE)
This exclusive Meet & Greet 15 minutes are just you and up to one friend and your favorite star!

5PM – VIP Cocktails



11AM – SG-1 Panel (BALLROOM)
Chris Judge, Tony Amendola, Teryl Rothery, and Aaron Douglas recount their days on the popular series Stargate: SG-1. Fans, don’t miss this one!

12PM – Autographs

2PM – Photo Ops (ROOM B)

3PM – Aaron Douglas Solo Talk (MILO ROOM)
HawaiiCon is considering making Aaron an annual institution. Find out why at this intimate talk. May not be appropriate for small children. i.e. much fun for adults.



11AM – Battlestar Galactica / Caprica Panel (BALLROOM)
Join the largest collection of Colonials ever assembled in Hawaii!

12:30PM – Sci-Fi Luncheon (COAST GRILLE)
Sci-Fi Luncheon with Christopher Judge, Teryl Rothery and Aaron Douglas ($$)

3:30PM – Photo Ops (ROOM B)

4PM – Autographs


HawaiiCon 2015
September 10 – 13, 2015
The Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, Waimea, Hawaii


Aaron is scheduled to appear at the following convention in Hawaii.

September 10 – 13, 2015
The Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel
Waimea, Hawaii