CONVENTION VIDEOS: Fan Expo Canada 2008 (August 24th, 2008)

YouTube user ThePluth328 has uploaded Eddie’s guest panel from Sunday (August 24, 2008). This is the guest panel where Aaron joined him.

Edward James Olmos Toronto Fan Expo

Thanks to greycoupon for the find.


UPDATE: Here’s the guest panel from Matt and Nat at BSGCast.

Thanks to canadiangirl_86 for the links.


UPDATE: Here’s the full panel from YouTube user Forksmoker

INTERVIEW (AUDIO): Hardcore Nerdity (August 23, 2008)

Hardcore Nerdity
Fan Expo Canada 2008
August 23, 2008
7.87 MB

Here is an audio interview with Aaron from Fan Expo Canada in August 2008.

Aaron talks about … The Bridge, his charities, Creation Cons (and we know how much he loves them. lol), finding out that he is a cylon (the same story we’ve heard a billion times before), how great the last episode is and that it made him cry (funny story about Mary), a small BSG spoiler regarding Tyrol and another character and wanting to say the word f-ck in the show.

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Aaron Douglas – Hardcore Nerdity (August 23, 2008)

Source: Hardcore Nerdity

INTERVIEW (VIDEO): rgbFILTER (August 22 – 24, 2008) Fan Expo Canada 2008

Below is a video of Aaron being interviewed by Alex from rgbFILTER at Fan Expo Canada 2008 (August 22 – 24, 2008).

rgb Fan Expo AaronDouglas

Video Description: Alex talks with Aaron Douglas, who plays Chief on Battlestar Galactica. It starts off as a mutual Ricky Gervais / Stephen Merchant / Karl Pilkington fan chat (Aaron wants to work with them, hint hint), then turns to discussions about the announced BSG TV movie being directed by Edward James Olmos and his roles in The Bridge and Blood: A Butcher’s Tale and what it’s like to work on a fully green screened set.

CONVENTION PHOTOS: Fan Expo Canada 2008 (Toronto, Ontario. CANADA) August 22nd – 24th, 2008

Photos © 2008 — Casey Hudecki (Hardcore Nerdity)

Photos © 2008 — Jen Krebsz (dirtygirl) (Flickr)

Photos © 2008 — scarecrow1983

INTERVIEW (VIDEO): phammmtastic (August 22 – 24, 2008) Fan Expo Canada 2008

Here’s a couple of video interviews with Aaron at Fan Expo Canada 2008 (August 22nd – 24th, 2008) from YouTube user phammmtastic.

Fan Expo 2008 ENG
Aaron is on screen at time stamp 2:16 – 2:28


Get Well Wil
Canadians at Fan Expo 2008 wishing Wil Wheaton a quick recovery from a roller skating accident.
Aaron is on screen at time stamp 0:25 – 0:51


Aaron is scheduled to appear at the following convention in CANADA.

Fan Expo Canada 2008
August 22nd – 24th, 2008
Toronto, Ontario. CANADA

NOTE: Aaron’s name hasn’t been added to the website as yet but he sent me a text message earlier today to say that he will be attending.


UPDATE (August 16, 2008): Aaron has now been added as a guest to the Fan Expo website. He will be at TCON Booth#1100 (outside HALL D Entrance).