CONVENTION VIDEOS: Dragon*Con 2009 (September 4th – September 7th, 2009) Guest Panel

NOTE: Aaron wasn’t an official guest. He ‘crashed’ this panel.

Saturday, September 5th, 2009 @ 11:30am – BSG-Journey’s End

Old friends and new join us for a discussion on where season 4. Cylons and humans face a world together.

Guests: Kate Vernon, Mary McDonnell, Alessandro Juliani, Michael Trucco, Luciana Carro, Aaron Douglas

NOTE: The below videos are only short snippets from the panel.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4



CONVENTION VIDEOS: Dragon*Con 2009 (September 4th – September 7th, 2009)

Found a funny video on YouTube of Aaron taking a video (that was suppose to be a photo) of fans at DragonCon 2009.

Asking Aaron Douglas for a Photo – Uploaded by faerydusted1

Actor Aaron Douglas was such a good sport when we asked him for a photo, then handed him the camera and ran around to get our picture with Spat. ;P I didn’t actually know my camera was set to video mode! “No its not”

CONVENTION PHOTOS: Dragon*Con 2009 (Atlanta, Georgia. USA) September 4th – 7th, 2009

Photos © 2009 — Husher315 (Flickr)

Photos © 2009 — own_the_sky (Londonopia) (Flickr)

Photo © 2009 — meshel73

NOTE: Aaron is holding the battlestar_blog (Fan Appreciation PDF/Book)

CONVENTION APPEARANCE: DragonCon 2009 (Update)

I was just telling Aaron how there were a few comments on his fanpage on facebook from people thinking they were going to see him at DragonCon (at guest panels, photos sessions, autograph signings) and that I had to make a post on there letting them know he was going as a ‘fan’ not a ‘guest’. Obviously all of us here already knew that. But for anyone that doesn’t read this LJ comm, they’re still under the impression that he will be there as a guest because the D*C website lists him as one.

He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone that was hoping to meet him so he said that he might get a table for one day for a few hours just to sign for people who want something.

I’m not sure how the announcement will be made regarding what day and time he will be signing. Maybe at one of the BSG guest panels or on one of those daily DragonCon update pages (not sure what the official name of that is) that you can pick up at the info booths. Or maybe it will just have to be pure luck of stumbling across him in the ‘hall of fame’.


You can comment on this news over on THE CHIEF’S DECK


The DragonCon website have listed Aaron as a guest.

Hmmmmm. I’m totally confused. He told me he was going as a ‘fan’ not a ‘guest’. I guess something changed in the last 2 weeks. Oh well, all that really matters is that he’s going to be there. Yay!!!!

UPDATE: Aaron has confirmed that he will not be attending DragonCon as a guest…

It was a mistake.

I will be there but not in a guest capacity.

I will not be signing or doing panels.

I hope to host a very specific party, we are working on details but other than that I will just be wandering around with the lads.