iZOMBIE: Trailer for Aaron’s episode

Here is the trailer for Aaron’s episode of iZOMBIE (1×08: Dead Air) which is airing next week (Tuesday May 5, 2015) at 9/8c on THE CW.


Here is a shorter trailer. Aaron is in this (same scene from the above trailer) but he doesn’t get any dialogue.


UPDATE: And here is the Inside The Episode video clip for Aaron’s episode. There’s no mention of Aaron or his character (radio host Chuck Burd) in the video clip but the episode’s dead character of the week is played by Erica Cerra. She is best known for playing Jo Lupo on EUREKA, but for BSG fans, you may remember that she played Maya. Maya adopted and was raising baby Hera on New Caprica (http://en.battlestarwiki.org/wiki/Maya).