BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Was there a storyline that you didn’t like?

Was there a storyline on BSG that you didn’t like?

For me (and I’m sure many others), BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was/is the greatest tv series ever. For me, BREAKING BAD is a close second. But even though we have so much love for BSG, was there ever a storyline that you hated or thought was ridiculous?

For me it was the Chief and Cally as a couple. That was absolutely ridiculous. They were more brother and sister than lovers. Cally and Jammer should have been together. If you ever do a rewatch, pay attention to the two of them. And I don’t care what the shows says, Jammer was the real father of Cally’s baby, not Hotdog. Remember how Jammer was the one that helped Cally escape on New Caprica? That’s because he was her lover and her baby daddy.

So what storyline didn’t you like? Was it Starbuck and Apollo not ending up together? Or was it “what the hell was Starbuck?”. Sound off in the comments below. You can be as petty or as silly as you want, we’re just having fun :)