Purchase the book HUMAN: AN OPERATOR’S MANUAL by Chris Douglas (Aaron’s brother) and you will receive your choice of one the 3 exclusive photos below autographed by Aaron Douglas. These photos will only be available when purchasing Chris’ book, they will not be available to purchase anywhere else. When ordering, please let Chris know which photo you would like (Aaron & Wil Wheaton / Smallville / BSG).

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Aaron & Wil Wheaton
Emerald City ComiCon (March 2010)

7x14: Traveler

2x03: Fragged

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Chris Douglas – Human: An Operators Manual

"Imagine in this instant, your past was wiped away and any insecurity you’ve ever had was gone. What if that little voice in your head that undermines you and keeps you from thriving was torn away from you and you were left with nothing but strength and hope? How would your life change? How would your life change if by simply understanding the purpose to your fears and insecurities allowed you to be liberated from them? What if they provided you with a specific biological survival function and by making a few simple changes would allow you to silence that voice in your head and with it all your fears and insecurities?"

Human: An Operator’s Manual is a proactive and solution focused book that simplifies the psychology, science, and theory behind our survival mechanisms and demonstrates how we can change the way we interact with the world and operate ourselves. This book is a must read not only for those struggling with personal challenges but also for those desiring to optimize their functioning.

Price: $21.95 CAD (this includes shipping, regardless of where you live)
Ships: Worldwide

Aaron and Chris Douglas