HELLCATS: Name change for Aaron’s character

It looks like Bill Curran (Aaron’s character on HELLCATS) has be renamed to William “Bill” Marsh.

On July 22nd we got the exclusive from Aaron that he would be playing Bill Curran on HELLCATS. Pedda found on wiki that “Bill Curran is the head of the Lancer University’s athletic department”. http://aarondouglasfans.com/?p=13079

The following day I posted the casting sides that I found online for “Bill”.

A couple of weeks ago Aaron told me that his character on Hellcats was ‘William Marsh’. I didn’t post the news as I was waiting for him to respond to my “huh, I thought your character was Bill Curran, did they change his name?” question. In the ‘Chicagoist’ interview with Aaron he says that his character is “Bill Curran, head of athletics for a university”. When I saw that I thought to myself “oh, so it is Bill Curran, not Bill Marsh”. The interview was posted online on August 17th but I don’t know when it was actually conducted. http://aarondouglasfans.com/?p=2058

Today when I was looking at the Hellcats casting sides I found one dated August 10th for a character called “William ‘Bill’ Marsh”. Part of it reads “INT. OFFICE OF THE HEAD OF ATHLETICS” and then it goes into a scene with “Bill” in his office on the phone. Sounds like ‘Bill Curran’ and ‘Bill Marsh’ are the same character. You can read the casting sides (3 pages) below.

UPDATE (1): Just spoke with Aaron and he has confirmed that his character on Hellcats is called Bill Marsh.

UPDATE (2) Sept 22nd: In the episode 1×03: Beale St. After Dark Vanessa Lodge talks about Aaron’s character, calling him Bill Marsh. His name is said at time stamp 00:49 in the scene below.