THE BRIDGE: Welcome to The Bridge – Some interesting/useless facts

There is only one more sleep until THE BRIDGE premieres in the USA (Saturday July 10th).
In today’s edition of “Welcome to The Bridge” here are some interesting/useless facts about ‘The Bridge’.

Inga Cadranel (who plays Jill, one of the main characters on ‘The Bridge’), is married to Gabriel Hogan. Gabriel is also an actor and will appear in an upcoming episode of ‘The Bridge’ (1×05: Vexation of Spirit). Gabriel Hogan is the son of actor Michael Hogan. Michael Hogan played (yes, you guessed it) Col. Saul Tigh on Battlestar Galactica.

Aaron’s BFF Colin Corrigan can be seen briefly in the pilot episode of ‘The Bridge’.

Colin played Marine Allan Nowart on Battlestar Galactica. If you’re a fan of SUPERNATURAL, that was Colin playing the demon (with the brief case) who got to beat up Sam Winchester in the alleyway in episode 5×14: My Bloody Valentine (You can watch a video clip of that HERE). Colin was also at DragonCon 2008 and joined in on the BSG panel.

In the pilot episode of ‘The Bridge’, Aaron can be seen wearing this tshirt.

That is Aaron’s own tshirt. No he didn’t ‘steal’ it from wardrobe :) He’s been wearing their designs for years, long before ‘The Bridge’ even existed.

The t-shirt is from 7lightningbolt*. Below are some more items that Aaron owns from the same designers.

UPDATE: This is their ETSY page.

Toby Proctor guest-stars in the pilot episode of ‘The Bridge’. Toby has appeared in some of Aaron’s tweets.