THE BRIDGE: Welcome to The Bridge – Meet The Cast

There are only three more sleeps until THE BRIDGE premieres in the USA (Saturday July 10th).
In the lead up to the big day, let’s play “Welcome to The Bridge” and meet the main characters….

(L to R): Billy (Theresa Joy), Ed (Michael Murphy), Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas), Abby (Ona Grauer),
Tommy (Paul Popowich), Bernie "Rabbi" (Frank Cassini) and Jill (Inga Cadranel)


Below is a copy and paste of the character bios from the CTV website

Aaron Douglas
Frank Leo, Union Head

Frank Leo is charismatic and self-confident, which makes him a natural-born leader. As a tough-as-hell-street-cop, Frank brings to his new job as President of the Police Protective Association an inborn sense of justice and loyalty with intelligence and passion. Frank can also be charming with a mischievous glint in his eye, which is why women are drawn to him.




Paul Popowich
Tommy Dunn, Frank’s partner and confidante

Where Frank charges ahead, Tommy takes a step back to think things out. He’s smart, loyal, funny, and like Frank, he also brings to the union his street cop insight. [text removed because of spoilers for the pilot episode]





Ona Grauer
Abby St. James, Prosecutor

As a prosecutor, Abby is all the things you’d expect her to be: professional, loving her job and smart. [text removed because of spoilers for the pilot episode]. Like Frank, Abby has an inborn sense of justice. In many ways, however, Frank is the opposite of Abby so it’s a good thing that opposites attract. Abby is above all unpredictable. Just when you expect her to react one way, she goes the other direction, which keeps both the union’s enemies and [text removed because of spoilers for the pilot episode].




Frank Cassini
Bernie "Rabbi" Kantor, Staff Sergeant

Bernie is Frank and Tommy’s old sergeant at Bridge Division. He’s the uncle who let you sip his beer and was the one who taught you the facts of life. He’s also the voice of reason, a father confessor, and a moral sounding board. “Rabbi” is wise, compassionate, an inherent teacher, and is always in on the joke.




Inga Cadranel
Jill, Detective

Jill is all about attitude. She’s beautiful, a great cop, and tough as nails when she has to be. She also has a cop’s gallows sense of humor and an easy laugh. Jill refuses to be labeled or put into a box. She once was married to a cop and after that relationship soured she briefly became intimate with a woman. But Jill really likes guys too much and right now she’s got more than just a little soft spot for Frank.




Theresa Joy
Billy, Police Constable

Billy is a feisty, tough, and funny street cop. As a young female in the department, she is always trying to prove herself to the guys, which she really doesn’t need to do since Billy’s a great cop with great cop instincts. But being a great cop also means she draws more than her share of trouble and danger. Ultimately, Billy may be too good of a cop.




Michael Murphy
Ed Wycoff, Chief of Police

As Top Police Brass, Ed is a political animal who is always angling for position. Sensing Frank’s power, Ed makes an uneasy alliance with him in order to further his own agenda. He’s shrewd, practical, and is constantly maneuvering himself to come out on top. Ed’s biggest flaw is that he thinks he’s smarter than Frank. Frank often uses this flaw to turn the tables on Ed, yet Ed keeps on trying. Above all, Ed is a survivor.




It really bugs me that he gets left out of the group photos (and being mentioned in interviews and articles) because he is also one of the main cast members and my FAVOURITE character.

Genadijs Dolganovs as Alex Volkolev
Alex is Russian. He is a Detective (Jill’s partner).