THE BRIDGE: Aaron cast as the lead in new tv show

It didn’t take long for someone to scoop up our very talented man and cast him in a new tv show :)

Aaron is going to be the lead on a new television series for CTV called THE BRIDGE. THE BRIDGE is a ‘cop show’ and Aaron’s character is called Frank Leo.
Aaron is flying out to Toronto on Monday to film the 2 hour pilot and won’t be back until August 20th. If the show gets picked up, he will need to move to Toronto (temporarily) for filming.


This one hour dramatic cop series in the vein of The Wire and Rescue Me, is set in Toronto and exceeds the speed limit while following politics, law and gang enforcement. Set in a fictious police division, The Bridge spans two disparate worlds, one of affluence and one and one of abject poverty, a combination of high stakes theft and murder to muggings in a world where the victim’s rap sheets run longer than the perps. Produced by Barna-Alper Productions (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Blue Murder) 990 Productions and Jonsworth Productions.

Source: TV, eh?

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UPDATE (August 1st): Below is some additional info on the THE BRIDGE, thanks to Lex and Pedda from Caprica City.

The Bridge follows fictional character Frank Leo (played by Vancouver-born Aaron Douglas) and his climb from street cop to union head challenging the command structure of the entire police force, making enemies along the way. The character is based on veteran insider and outspoken former Toronto police union head, Craig Bromell.

Source: Northern Stars