INTERVIEW: Aaron Douglas Chat Transcript

Aaron Douglas Chat Transcript
Live from Wolf’s Galactica One Convention (Heathrow, London)
Date: October 8, 2005
Source: Wolf Events – Chat Room

Live from
Wolf’s Galactica One Convention
in Heathrow London
8th October 2005
MR Aaron Douglas
Chats with his online fans

AaronDouglas: Hello!!!!
JamieRuby818: hi
ReneeDY1: h
DianaP6: welcome aaron
ReneeDY1: hi
cdenahy: hi Aaron
DianaP6: how you doing
ManesaN: Hello Mr. Douglas.
rosemaryuk56: Helllo Aaron

AaronDouglas: Good, I’m good, sleepy but good

ReneeDY1: join the club ;)
JamieRuby818: its 8 am here
cdenahy: The things they do for the fans
rosemaryuk56: hows the con going

JamieRuby818: Aaron what did you think of Gatecon?
AaronDouglas: Gatecon… why do you ask? Gatecon was fun, hanging out with the people

ReneeDY1: Do you have any upcoming projects?
AaronDouglas: No just Battlestar – I’m in The Exorcism Of Emily Rose – With JR and Man About Town but not shooting anything else

cdenahy: What would be your funniest story from working on the show?
AaronDouglas: Oh god, I could sit and type for three hours on the funniest moment – probably when Alonzos wife Chelan was a stand in season one =, she was reading a PA announcement of the Presidents to us on the hanger deck she was saying ‘Specialists Socinus has been arrested’ But she said ‘Specialist Saucy Nuts’ I fell on the floor and laughed for 10 minutes

huertgenwald: Do you have comfort foods?
AaronDouglas: Comfort foods… I like chips and like 7 layer bean, salsa guacamole dip

JamieRuby818: What has been your favorite show to work on so far besides bsg?
AaronDouglas: Favourite show to work on… Andromeda was a lot of fun
But I did a show called – Ok it was such a terrible show I cant remember the name – The lead actress was such a #### but the other guest star was Michael Dobson who cartoon fans will know and he and I laughed non stop for 2 weeks

ManesaN: With all the footage on Kobol, did anyone get poison oak or anything like that? Thought of it when I watched last night’s episode.
AaronDouglas: Tricia got Poison oak as did her husband
James Callas got very cold and wet… Alonzo and Warren Christie died but apart form that everything was fine!

ReneeDY1: If you could be any other character on Galactica, who would it be and why?
AaronDouglas: Tigh cos he gets to drink! Or ummmm I’d like to be a horrible evil cylon dude.

JamieRuby818: If you could work on any show past or present what would it be
AaronDouglas: The original Star Wars! I’d love to have played Han Solo!

ManesaN: What was your fave scene so far to film and what was your least fave to film?
AaronDouglas: Oh All the cylon fighting stuff on Kobol in episode 3 of season 2 was my favourite – Least favourite was the one where ……. gets shot and dies in my arms.

Stoney3K_: How is it like working with miss Clyne on the set?
AaronDouglas: Nicki and I are very good friends on and off the set and shes an absolute darling

JamieRuby818: Who’s your favorite actor you’ve worked with
AaronDouglas: Superstars Will Smith, Hugh Jackman and Brian Cox – nobodies Tahmoh Penikett

cdenahy: What is it like working with actors from several different countries?
AaronDouglas: Working with actors from several different countries is the best way to be – it brings a worldy perspective and many different notes, feelings and colours to performances which you dont get if everyone is from LA

rosemaryuk56: Are you enjoying the convention you are at……
AaronDouglas: I’m very much so enjoying this con – I always do – except Sylvia is ignoring me.. I miss Sib

cdenahy: Are you a scifi fan? If so what shows?
AaronDouglas: Absolutely Sci Fi Fan – Star Wars, Star Trek TNG Those are the ones I like watching right now

JamieRuby818: Who would you like to see guest star on bsg?
AaronDouglas: Patrick Stewart!

huertgenwald: do you think shakespeare is overrated?
AaronDouglas: Do I think Shakespeare is overrated? No but a 1.3 on your thesis is.

ReneeDY1: Do you get recognized very often?
AaronDouglas: Never recognised…

JamieRuby818: Was it emotional to film the scene trying to save Sharon from Thorne?
AaronDouglas: Yes more so for Grace than myself obviously

Stoney3K_: Have you ever been in Holland?
AaronDouglas: No but I’d love to go!

cdenahy: who do you think is a better leader Adama or the pres?
AaronDouglas: Oh god ummmm its impossible to pick one over the other, their strength is that they suppliment each other

Someone is typing for Aaron
btw so all typos are Matti’s fault!

Koroniss: Do you like playing as your BSG character named Galen Tyrol? :)
AaronDouglas: Of all the characters on the show mine is the one I’d want to do the most

JamieRuby818: What is your favorite movie? book?
AaronDouglas: My favourite movie…. umm ok 5 top films… Office Space, Starwars Trilogy or Sixagy whatever it is, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Conspiracy and Jaws

marksoflove: Where would you like to see Tyrol go in the future?
AaronDouglas: I’d like to see him go to Dualla’s quarters for a love scene….. :D

JamieRuby818: Do you have any tattoos?
AaronDouglas: No tattoos

ManesaN: What do you like to do off the set (besides hockey..:)…?
AaronDouglas: I like Golf and I liek to sit quietly and read a book, I love to watch the sunset as I go for walks on the sea wall

Koroniss: Who of the other actors acting in BSG do you like and respect most?
AaronDouglas: I cant pick one of them they are all great people, but I have a lot of silly fun times with James and Jamie

JamieRuby818: Do you have any pets?
AaronDouglas: Two cats – Choochie and Cleo

ReneeDY1: Any future convention appearances planned?
AaronDouglas: Germany in January, Battlestar Atlantia

rosemaryuk56: Did you go to the party last night, and are you going tonight?
AaronDouglas: Yes I went and most likely will be there again tonight!

marksoflove: What are your thoughts on Tyrol’s most prominent relationships?
AaronDouglas: At this point Tyrol really isnt close to anyone

Koroniss: which episode of the series is your favourite?
AaronDouglas: Season 2 episode 9 – Flight Of The Phoenix

AaronDouglas: Thank you all very much, here is the lovely and talented Tahmoh Penikett….

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