CONVENTION PHOTOS: Phoenix Comicon 2011 (Phoenix, Arizona. USA) May 26th – 29th, 2011

Photo © 2011 — Chris (Blogging with Badger)

Photos © 2011 — Jeff Neinast (internet_jefe) (Flickr)

Photos © 2011 — Justin

Photos © 2011 — WulfBane023 (Flickr)

CONVENTION VIDEOS: Phoenix Comicon 2011 (May 26 – 29, 2011) Guest Panel

Aaron Douglas and Paul McGillion at Phoenix Comicon 2011

YouTube: Transmatrix
Video Description: Aaron Douglas and Paul McGillion’s panel at Phoenix Comicon 2011



Paul McGillion & Aaron Douglas Panel 1 – Phoenix Comicon

YouTube: DTRShow
Video Description: Paul McGillion from Stargate Atlantis and Aaron Douglas from Battlestar Galactica meet their fans for a panel at the Phoenix Comicon. These two waste no time and start in on each other immediately after stepping on stage. Beckett and Chief start off the Q & A by asking each other loaded questions. This was a fun panel.


Paul McGillion & Aaron Douglas Panel 2

YouTube: DTRShow
Video Description: Who is Paul and Aaron’s favorite Super Hero, Villain, and Personal Hero in Life? Aaron Douglas is quick with his answers and you will be surprised at his actual favorite Super Hero before bashing Star Wars. Paul McGillion does an impression of his dad again. Hillarious.