CONVENTION AUDIO: Phoenix Comicon 2010 (May 27th โ€“ 30th, 2010) Guest Panel

Below is the link to streaming audio of Aaron’s entire one hour guest panel at Phoenix Comicon 2010.

Some interesting things from the panel…

– Aaron and Paul Campbell made a video diary during the filming of the SyFy channel movie ‘Killer Mountain’.
– There might be another BSG spin-off tv series. It will be about the ‘cylon war’ and the final five will be involved.
– The episodes of ‘The Bridge’ that will air on CBS (USA) will be different edits than what aired on CTV (Canada).

I’m interested to see what they change in the CBS versions. CBS are only airing 7 of the 13 episodes (starting July 10th) and CTV are rebroadcasting the episodes in simulcast with CBS. I wonder if that means CTV will air the CBS versions (?????).

UPDATE: You can download the audio clip HERE.

Between time stamp 18:40 (Paul McGillion story) and time stamp 44:28 (story about Aaron’s son Taylor visiting the set), you can watch the video of the guest panel at the link below