LITTLE PINK HOUSE: Aaron Douglas Lands Supporting Role

Aaron Douglas has joined the cast of the film LITTLE PINK HOUSE, based on the book of the same name by Jeff Benedict. Aaron will be playing the Governor.

The film follows the true story of Susette Kelo (played by Catherine Keener), a nurse from a small Connecticut town, who stands up to politicians that want to bulldoze her home and sell off the cleared land to a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company. Jeanne Tripplehorn will play Susette’s neighbor Charlotte Wells who is leading the charge to bulldoze. And Callum Keith Rennie will play the heroine’s love interest, Tim LeBlanc. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline).

Here’s a great video interview with writer and director Courtney Balaker where she explains the story of the Little Pink House. At the 1:30 time stamp they talk about and show a photo of John G. Rowland, the Governor of Connecticut. He is the real life Governor that Aaron’s character is based on. But be warned, because it’s a true story there are spoilers in the video of the outcome.

EDIT: And here’s the book description on Amazon …..

Suzette Kelo was just trying to rebuild her life when she purchased a falling down Victorian house perched on the waterfront in New London, CT. The house wasn’t particularly fancy, but with lots of hard work Suzette was able to turn it into a home that was important to her, a home that represented her new found independence. Little did she know that the City of New London, desperate to revive its flailing economy, wanted to raze her house and the others like it that sat along the waterfront in order to win a lucrative Pfizer pharmaceutical contract that would bring new business into the city. Kelo and fourteen neighbors flat out refused to sell, so the city decided to exercise its power of eminent domain to condemn their homes, launching one of the most extraordinary legal cases of our time, a case that ultimately reached the United States Supreme Court. (Source: Amazon)