THERE ARE MONSTERS: Movie Poster & Synopsis

From the creator of The Strangers comes a world of the lost; freezing, spitting needles of rain, thunderbolt lightning, hypothermic cold and disorientating utter darkness.

Mother and daughter trapped and tormented in a black forest by a screeching creature – it is unlike anything we have heard before. Not human. Not animal. Like a thousand horses, like a mother’s clamour, a baby’s wail, a father’s howl.

Their relationship at breaking point, 10-year-old Lizzy is all out of faith in her mother Kathy but tries to stay brave and fearless. Kathy, on the edge, barely keeping it together, knows that only a mother’s protective love, her most primal instinct, can save her daughter from what’s lurking in the darkness…

Zoe Kazan … Kathy
Ella Ballentine … Lizzy
Scott Speedman … Roy
Aaron Douglas … Jesse
Christine Ebadi …Leslie Williams

Director and Writer … Bryan Bertino
Producers … William Green, Aaron Ginsburg, Adrienne Biddle