THE MENTOR: Synopsis

Below is a synopsis for the movie THE MENTOR. Aaron plays Paul Allenham.

Elizabeth May thinks that her life is ruined when her 8 year old daughter Pippa is killed in a car accident. With her marriage to Brian in near-ruins, she returns to work, only to find an unexpectedly fresh and dangerous problem: Paul Allenham, a delusional, furtive, sexually obsessed co-worker.

Source: Production Bulletin

UPDATE (April 25, 2014):
Here is an updated synopsis from the Lifetime website ….

Elizabeth May tries to put the loss of her eight-year-old daughter behind her by going back to teaching. Under the stress of the tragedy her husband Brian May has moved out while Elizabeth is desperate to save her marriage and return to a life of normalcy. In her new job she is assigned a mentor, Paul Allenham, who is hiding a deep dark violent past. Paul has an immediate and unsettling attraction to Elizabeth; he will do anything to secure her love.

Source: Lifetime Website