THE KILLING: Trivia – Episode 3×02

EVAN HENDERSON, Aaron’s character on THE KILLING appears in three of the trivia questions for episode 3×02: That You Fear the Most on the AMC Website.

How many can you get correct?

How does Seward deduce that Henderson has a baby?
He spots spit up stains on Henderson’s shirt
He hears Henderson talking about his newborn
He sees Henderson nod off from sleep deprivation
He smells baby formula when Henderson’s nearby


Seward tells Henderson he wants to call his lawyer…
To alert press he’s being mistreated on death row
To amend his will
To file an appeal with the governor
To arrange a meeting with his son


Becker does NOT complain to Henderson about…
Henderson’s sloppy uniform
The media coverage of Seward’s execution
The procedures for Seward’s execution
Seward’s refusal to call him “sir”

Answers are HERE