SHELF LIFE the Series: Indiegogo Campaign – Goal Exceeded

The Shelf Life – The Series IndieGoGo Campaign to raise $30k in 30 days ended on Friday August 17th. They exceeded their goal and raised $34,579. As a special thank you to everyone that donated they have posted a behind-the-scenes group photo from Aaron’s episode (“OH CANADA”).



Thank you all for your extremely generous donations, for your help sharing, and for your general enjoyment, comments, and interest in our twisted little show. It is especially inspiring to see people step up and pay for something they like in a world where torrenting is easy and YouTube is free. Talk is cheap. Thanks for your respect.

As a special thank you from us to you, here is a group shot from behind-the-scenes on the Aaron Douglas episode with the cast and many members of the crew (including, clockwise from L) Juan Carlos Bagnell – sound, Steven Calcote – director, Mark Legaspi – cinematographer, Lillian Diaz-Przybyl – script supervisor, and super rockin’ support team-cheerleader Jenn!)

And the same group goofing off as we do MOST of the time on set! :) We promise we’ll be really serious about goofing off from here on out!

Also, huge thanks to all who played the Shelf Life IndieGoGo GAME… we loved all the guesses and participation! Our winner is Natalie F. who guessed $34,600 which was just $21 over the final amount! Way to go! We will ship your Shelf-y Swag out ASAP!

Much appreciation, gratitude, thanks and serious Shelf Love to each and every viewer, tweeter, re-tweeter, facebooker, donator (yeah, we know it is donors, but donators sounds more “sci-fi”) (actually, “donerator” sounds even better), supporter, and sideline cheerleader. We really do appreciate each and every one of you and your contributions to our show!

Source: SHELF LIFE the Series (tumblr)