Videos: Fan Expo Vancouver 2012

Here are a couple of videos of Aaron from Fan Expo Vancouver 2012.

Unfortunately if you are outside of CANADA you can’t watch them :( I purchased one of those one month subscriptions to hide your IP address. So I could watch it but when I tried to download it I got a copyright notification and it wouldn’t let me download it. But leave it with me, I’ll work out some way to do it, even if I have to take a video with my cell phone of the screen :)

As Seen on InnerSPACE: Death Do Us Part

Spring is upon us and so is wedding season! But if you’re not quite ready to commit to marriage, we suggest at least committing to seeing the new horror film “Death Do Us Part”! We met up with some of the cast and crew at Vancouver Fan Expo where they gushed about the genre names attached to the project – and gave us a warning about the dangers of throwing a joint stag party!

Aaron is on screen at 0:05 – 0:11 (snippet of a scene from the movie) and at 0:41 – 0:45 (same scene).

As Seen on InnerSPACE: Fan Expo Vancouver 2012

From the extraterrestrial to the extraordinary… the first ever Fan Expo Vancouver was held this past weekend, and Teddy, Cynthia and Ajay flew out to meet the fans and have a great time!

Aaron is on screen at 01:05. Blink-and-miss-it.