THE FIRM: Aaron’s episode will air March 24th (???)

An update on when Aaron’s episode of THE FIRM will air …..

As previously reported, THE FIRM moved from Thursday night to the Saturday night death slot in the USA. In Canada it was still airing on Thursday night.

Aaron is in episode 12.

Episode 9 aired in Canada (Global TV) on Thursday night.
Episode 8 will be airing in the USA (NBC) on Saturday night.

In Canada, THE FIRM is getting replaced by the new tv show AWAKE on Thursday nights and THE FIRM is getting moved to the Saturday night death slot. THE FIRM is not airing again in Canada until Saturday March 10th. Which means that Aaron’s episode (if they continue to air one episode a week) will air in Canada on March 24th. Which now makes it the same date as NBC is airing it.

Everyone cross your fingers that the show doesn’t get axed before then :)

P.S. We thought Aaron’s episode of THE FIRM would be the first time that three cylons appeared in an episode of a show since BSG but Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh) beat Aaron to it. She was in Episode 8 of THE FIRM.