FLASHPOINT: CBS no longer airing Flashpoint

As some of you may remember, Aaron filmed a guest starring role on the tv show FLASHPOINT. Flashpoint airs on CTV (Canada) and CBS (USA).

But … CBS have given up the broadcast rights to ION. CBS will be airing their last episode of Flashpoint on August 19th. That will make 7 of the 18 episodes of season 4 aired (Aaron’s episode is number 14 of season 4). ION will air (at a date to be determined) the remaining 11 episodes of season 4. The Flashpoint commercial running on the ION website says “coming this fall” but it doesn’t say if it will be new or old episodes in the fall, or both.

If ION start airing the episodes from the beginning of season 1 (they’ve been given broadcasting rights to the whole show) then gods only knows when we’ll get Aaron’s episode. Fingers crossed the CTV are still airing new episodes *cough* torrents *cough*.

I live in Australia so I have no idea what ION is. Is this a channel that everyone in the USA can get?