Aaron’s Geek A Week Trading Card & Interview

Hail To The Chief. Aaron Douglas is Geek 47.

I often wonder as I write these Thursday announcements for Geek A Week, how many of you actually look forward to it. I mean, there is some excitement about knowing who comes up next. (I’m not deluding myself, am I?) But does anyone actually wait for me to post these announcements? I am thinking this, of course, as the project is rolling to a close. Just one more month of geeks and my year-long quest will have come to a close. I’ll save all the introspection and such for the end of the project. Right now, I have a geek to announce!

Next week is tailor-made for every Sci-Fi geek out there who has had a pulse for the past five years. As you know, the re-boot of Battlestar Galactica (or BSG for you hipster geeks out there) was a huge success and laid the groundwork for a new generation of serialized geeky TV shows. Next week, I am extremely proud and excited to bring one of the key figures from BSG to the Geek A Week deck – none other than The Chief himself, Aaron Douglas!

Aaron’s card and podcast will go live at some point during the weekend. And I gotta be honest with you: his card is so amazingly awesome, I can’t even stand it. Keep an eye out for the Chief as he graces us with his presence.

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The card will be posted on Flickr HERE. And the podcast will be posted HERE.
I’ll update this entry and post a link to the podcast and the pic of Aaron’s card once they have been uploaded online.

UPDATE (Jan 22nd, 2011) PART 1: Below is the front and back of Aaron’s card.

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Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Edward Blake/The Comedian in WATCHMEN.

UPDATE (Jan 22nd, 2011) PART 2: Below is the link to download the 14 minute GEEK A WEEK interview with Aaron.

Geek A Week Show 41: Aaron Douglas

My interview with actor Aaron Douglas AKA “The Chief” of BSG recorded August 2010

Source: http://traffic.libsyn.com/jawbone/GAW_AARON.mp3