KILLER MOUNTAIN: Trailer and Synopsis

I found the synopsis and trailer for KILLER MOUNTAIN. This is the SyFy Movie that Aaron filmed in June. Sorry, I have no idea when it will air. But as soon as I hear anything, I’ll let everyone know.

Synopsis: Located in Bhutan, Gangkhar Puensum (“Killer Mountain”) is the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. According to local legend, 6000 meters is the abode of the Gods, and trespassing is strictly prohibited as a matter of religious law. But when a research expedition is lost, billionaire WALTER BURTON (Andrew Airlee) hires WARD DONOVAN (Aaron Douglas), the best climber in the business to lead a rescue mission. Ward initially resists until he learns that Burton had hired his ex-girlfriend KATE (Emmanuelle Vaugier) to lead the missing group. Soon Ward and his team find themselves on a flight to Bhutan. Upon arriving at base camp, they hear Kate and her team’s frantic final message for help. It sounds like there was something else up there, something attacking them, but what could it be? With Burton’s son CREIGHTON along for the climb (Burton stays at camp), Ward and his team begin their ascent. But they quickly realize why Gangkhar Puensum has never been successfully climbed. Some of them won’t be coming back alive. Unbeknownst to them, something slithers through the shadows and under the ice, following them, waiting to strike…

Synopsis: In a dramatic tale of extreme survival and mysterious legend, Ward Donovan, and his team of expert climbers are hired by billionaire Walter Burton to rescue a research team lost on the world’s highest unclimbed mountain. But amidst deep crevasses and steep rock faces, Ward discovers an abandoned temple complex… Is this Shangri-La, the mythical land of eternal life – the secrets of which Burton would attain at any cost – or is this something far more sinister?

Starring: Aaron Douglas, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Paul Campbell, Torrance Coombs, Andrew Airlee
Director: Sheldon Wilson
Producer: Jeff Schenck

UPDATE: Here are some more synopses for KILLER MOUNTAIN.

In Bhutan, creepy, slithery and deadly monsters lurk deep within Gangkhar Puensum, the world’s highest unclimbed mountain. When a team of experienced climbers led by Ward Donovan (Aaron Douglas, Battlestar Galactica) attempt to climb the mountain in search of a missing research expedition, the team discovers the legendary Shangri-La – making the most significant archaeological discovery in years. But their amazement is short lived when they come face-to-face with the deadly creature protecting it. Will they get out alive and spread word of their mystifying discovery or succumb to the forbidden mountain for eternity?

A rescue mission on an obscure mountain peak becomes a desperate struggle against mysterious and malevolent forces.

Source: Syfy Universal Asia

In “Killer Mountain” – inspired by an ancient Himalayan legend – a team of climbers (“Battlestar Galactica” alums Aaron Douglas and Paul Campbell) is sent to a forbidden mountain to rescue a missing expedition. There, they discover that the mountain is the secret location of Shangri La — protected by a bloodthirsty alien creature, the Druk. Killer Mountain is a production of ARO Entertainment.

A team of climbers are sent to a treacherous mountain to rescue a missing expedition. There, they find that the mountain is the secret location of Shangri La, and that it’s protected by a fierce monster, the Druk.

Source: NBC Media Village