Below is the trailer for the Lifetime tv movie ONE ANGRY JUROR (in which Aaron plays ‘District Attorney Frank Riley’). Aaron is on screen at time stamp 01:24 – 01:28.

According to Time Warner Cable it is airing on Monday Nov 8th @ 9PM/8C. But a tweet from a Jessica Capshaw fansite reports that it’s airing on Monday Nov 15th @ 9PM/8C. I just checked the Lifetime website and the schedule only goes up until Nov 7th. So I’ll check back later.

Synopsis: One Angry Juror tells the true story of Sarah Walsh (Jessica Capshaw), a successful corporate lawyer who is called to sit on the jury for a murder case in New Orleans. She soon becomes convinced that the defendant, Walter (Shomari Downer), a young African American boy, is innocent. Sarah is able to plant the seeds of doubt within her fellow jurors, causing a mistrial. In the second trial, Sarah takes on Walter’s defense herself.