THE BRIDGE (BLOG) – John McFetridge: The Bridge (February 4, 2009)

The Bridge
By: John McFetridge
Date: February 4, 2009
Source: John McFetridge’s Blog


Recently at a discussion panel of true crime writers, one of the questions asked was, “Have you ever been threatened by any of the people you’ve written about?”

Most of the writers on the panel had written books about some really dangerous people; serial killers, hitmen, bikers and high ranking organized crime figures.

But the guy who answered the question said, “The only time I’ve ever been scared or threatened was by cops.” The others all agreed. These experienced, award-winning journalists-turned-authors had all at some point been scared by police.

Which brings me to my new job. I’ve been hired as one of the writers on a new CTV cop show, The Bridge. The show is based on a cop who was head of the police union in Toronto, the self-professed, “most powerful cop in the country.” The show was apparently pitched as, “What if Tony Soprano was a cop?” In this case he’s a cop who helps other cops, gets them out of trouble and stands up for them to the brass.

Which could make for some very cool and controversial storylines.

Especially if cops are the scariest people those journalists have ever dealt with.


Comments on this blog entry by John: We start in the writers’ room on February 18th and will write 11 episodes by May. The pilot was filmed last fall and will run as the first two episodes.