Wil Wheaton blogs about Aaron (January 27, 2009)

Wil Weaton made the following blog entry ……

everyone calm down

I don’t want to ruin the joke, but since people on the internet seem to be sarcasm-challenged: Aaron is kidding. We are members of the mutual admiration society, fellow hockey goaltenders, and share an affinity for as much beer as we can find. No joke: we contributed to the drying up of the Guinness tap at the sportsbar across the street from the hotel in Phoenix.

I’ve done two shows with Aaron, and I’ve been lucky to sit next to him both times. He’s what we call Good People™ and even though he totally fucked up the beard curve at the convention, I hope to see him again sooner than later.

Source: WWdN: In Exile

Wil is referring to this LiveJournal entry (see below) that Aaron accidentally posted on his own page instead of on here (yep, he meant to post it on here, he told me). He pressed ‘post’ instead of ‘Post to this community’. FYI … Aaron doesn’t have LJ email alerts set up so he didn’t even know there were replies to the entry he posted. Looks like most of the comments on there are from Wil Weaton fans that found it because of Wil’s blog entry. I guess they don’t realise that Aaron will never see their comments. Oh well, let them have their fun :)

Phoenix Comicon

Just a quick note to say thank you to Matt, Linda, Stephanie and the entire staff at Phoenix Comicon for an outstanding weekend. For anyone who lives nearby and is looking for a great bang for your buck and a lot of fun at a con I would highly recommend this one next year.

I hope to be there.

The only downer of the entire weekend was having to sit beside Wil Wheaton and listen to him talk about how much better Next Gen. was better than BSG, how Crusher is so much cooler than Tyrol and how his cast mates are hotter.

We can argue the merits of his claims but for me, I know that I would rather be an ass-kicking enlisted Chief than a wanker pre-pubescent pseudo engineering officer that had to run to his quarters for 3 minutes with a box of tissues every time counsellor Troi walked by.

Hey Wil…. go frak yourself…. oh that’s right…. you usually do…..


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