BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – Anthrax (set visit) August 2nd, 2006

Members of the band ANTHRAX visited the set of Battlestar Galactica

Source: Talking Metal Podcast – Anthrax Members Visit Set of BSG


Source: The Official ANTHRAX Website


Below are some more photos from the day. Aaron isn’t in any of these photos.



Here’s some pics of our set visit to the set of Battlestar Galactica at Vancouver Film Studios in Caprica City Vancouver, British Columbia on August 2, 2006. Since Anthrax’s only hobbies/interests outside of metal are eating, drinking, boobs, more metal and watching TV, getting the chance to visit the greatest show on TV was, how should I put this… was #@($&#*@$#*& UNREAL!!!

The gallery is mostly cornball photos of Frankie, Scott, Mike Monterulo (our agent) and the always heinous Brent Thompson (me, duh). We all the best time and everyone was AMAZINGLY nice to us. We were just kids in a candy store all day. The joke is they must have thought we were Metallica or something.

Best moment you ask? We were at the catering truck and Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama) turns around and says “HEY, IT’S THE BAND!”, so cool!!! Then he commanded us to “EAT” and we all scurried around like roaches in sunlight. When he gives an order, you better do it.

Huge thanks to Mark Strigl of TALKING METAL (iTunes #1 rated heavy metal music podcast) for hooking us up and Lana “Cy-Lana” Kim of SciFi for allowing a bunch of foul-mouthed, just got in from the strip clubs ballet at 4AM, tattooed bunch of metalheads on the lot. Hugs and kisses to Sian McArthur for being the hostess with the mostest. To all the set guys that moved the latters and lights and all that stuff for us – you can be in our road crew any day! Humongous thanks to Carole Segal for the amazing photos. Oh, and thank you Ronald D. Moore for creating the best TV show in the history of medium. Why is television a medium? Because anything well done is rare. All puns intended and Battlestar is the filet mignon of TV shows.

Also horns go out to the Aaron (Chief Tyrol) Douglas for showing us around his ship, Katee (Starbuck) Sackhoff for signing my Dirk Benedict action figure and starring in my dreams nightly, James (Gaius Baltar) Callis for being more evil than George Bush, Michael (Col. Tigh) Hogan for not throwing us in the brig, Tricia (No. 6) Helfer for allowing us to stare breathlessly at her followed by more staring, Tahmoh (Helo) Penikett for not reporting us when Scott dropped his ice cream on the Basestar set, Kandyse (Dualla) McClure for having the world’s monst beautiful eyeballs, Michael (Anders) Trucco for letting me call him “Cousin Oliver” all day, Dean (Brother Cavil) Stockwell for acknowledging our presence, Lucy (D’Anna Biers) Lawless for not going Zena on my ass and last but not least Grace (Boomer) Park for wearing the latest in Cylon chic – the new ANTHRAX girlie shirt (available here).

We’ve got even more photos but we were on the Basestar and the evil corporate Cylons NBC/Universal won’t let us post them yet. Maybe in January. We’ve got some killer video too we may air someday too. Anthrax – more metal than a chrome toaster!

So Slam We All –
el Brenté

Source: The Official ANTHRAX Website