DIRK GENTLY: Compilation of all the BBCA videos by episode


Original Airdate: October 22nd, 2016 | 9:00PM
Synopsis: After Todd Brotzman happens upon a murder scene, he meets self-proclaimed detective, Dirk Gently; and is drawn into a case involving the death of reclusive millionaire, Patrick Spring, and the kidnapping of his daughter Lydia. As multiple characters and storylines seem primed to converge, tangling endlessly in towards the center, it’s clear to Todd that his life will never be the same.


EPISODE CLIP: Todd Raises Zimmerfield’s Eyebrows
Zimmerfield and Estevez question Todd.


CLOSER LOOK: ‘A Crescendo of Weirdness’
Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood, and Max Landis try to describe the series premiere.


MAX LANDIS’ VIDEO BLOG: You Should Be Confused
Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency’s’ Executive Producer lists off the questions you should be asking after watching the series premiere.


1×02: LOST & FOUND

Original Airdate: October 29th, 2016 | 9:00PM
Synopsis: Todd is drawn further into the case as they learn more about the fiends who captured Patrick Spring’s daughter, Lydia. Mysterious characters take a step closer to a collision, culminating in an absurd hostage exchange, wherein corgi is tossed off a high bridge and a determined woman enters Dirk and Todd’s life.


TRAILER: Where is Lydia Spring?
Dirk and Todd learn more about the fiends who captured Patrick Spring’s daughter, Lydia.


EPISODE CLIP: Dirk and Todd Hide in Gordon Rimmer’s Shower
The duo get more than they bargained for in Gordon Rimmer’s home.


CLOSER LOOK: Farah Packs a Punch
Jade Eshete describes her badass character.


MAX LANDIS’ VIDEO BLOG: Who Inspired Gordon and Bart’s Voices?
The series’ executive producer tells Maude Garrett the origin of the characters’ distinctive sounds.



Original Airdate: November 5th, 2016 | 9:00PM
Digging into Patrick Spring’s past, Farah and Dirk discover the first really big clue into his murder. Todd goes to the police only to learn he has no safe harbor left. Amanda must deal with a looming presence in her life, and Bart and Ken hurtle towards a violent clash with a biker gang.


TRAILER: Dirk Gets a Clue
Well, actually, Farah and Dirk find the first really big clue into Patrick Spring’s death.


EPISODE CLIP: Bart Kicks Some Biker Butt
The holistic assassin gets Ken and herself out of a tight situation.


EPISODE CLIP: Amanda Goes Grocery Shopping
The Rowdy 3 “save” her from a Pararibulitis episode.


CLOSER LOOK: Zimmerfield and Estevez Make Sense of It All
Well, Richard Schiff and Neil Brown Jr. try to anyway.


MAX LANDIS’ VIDEO BLOG: Episode 3’s Revelations
The series’ Executive Producer talks to Maude Garrett about Bart, Blackwing, and Rowdy 3.


1×04: WATKIN

Original Airdate: November 12th, 2016 | 9:00PM
Dirk and Todd find themselves in a complicated and dangerous situation left behind by Patrick Spring, or perhaps his mysterious father, Edgar. As the police begin putting together the pieces of their imponderable case, an FBI agent’s unlikely return complicates matters for Amanda and Farah.


TRAILER: ‘What Corgi?’
Dirk and Todd find themselves in a complicated and dangerous situation left behind by Patrick Spring


EPISODE CLIP: Dirk and Todd Escape the Light Room
The duo get squeezed.


CLOSER LOOK: What is Pararibulitis?
Hannah Marks describes her character’s disease.


MAX LANDIS’ VIDEO BLOG: Todd Fulfills His Role
The series’ Executive Producer talks to Maude Garrett about the relationship between Dirk and Todd, and just who Gordon Rimmer is.



Original Airdate: November 19th, 2016 | 9:00PM
As Dirk and Todd embark on a hunt for Patrick Spring’s dark enigmas, Todd reveals a deep-seated secret of his own. Detectives Estevez and Zimmerfield take big risks as they inch closer to the truth of their missing person’s investigation, and Amanda finally confronts the looming specter of the Rowdy 3.


TRAILER: Dirk and Todd Dig for Answers
Dirk and Todd embark on a hunt for Patrick Spring’s dark enigmas


EPISODE CLIP: Bart Takes a Shower
The holistic assassin has her ‘Pretty Woman’ moment.


EPISODE CLIP: Todd: ‘Dirk, I Am Your Friend’
The duo have a moment in the woods.


CLOSER LOOK: Bart and Ken: It’s Complicated
Fiona Dourif and Mpho Koaho explore the evolution of their character’s relationship.


MAX LANDIS’ VIDEO BLOG: ‘Holistic’ Means…
Executive Producer Max Landis explores Dirk’s self-described trait with Maude Garrett.



Original Airdate: November 26th, 2016 | 9:00PM
Everything connects. Cops – cult – assassins – detectives – Pararibulitis – vampires – lottery ticket –– a corgi and Ken, all come to a head.


TRAILER: Telling Amanda the Truth


EPISODE CLIP: Dirk Meets Bart
The two holistic ones discover they may have some things in common.


CLOSER LOOK: Todd’s Confession
Elijah Wood and Hannah Marks describe filming the emotional scene.


Max confirms what the machine Dirk and Todd find is… if you haven’t already figured it out.



Original Airdate: December 3rd, 2016 | 9:00PM
Flung backwards through time, Dirk and Todd make a horrifying discovery about the nature of their case, and find themselves with a unique opportunity: solve their case before it even starts.


TRAILER: Everything is Actually Connected
Todd starts to sound like Dirk.


EPISODE CLIP: Todd Confronts Dirk
The ‘assis-friend’ catches the holistic detective in his lies.


CLOSER LOOK: It’s All Lights and Wires
Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood describe bringing the time machine to life.


MAX LANDIS’ VIDEO BLOG: Max Gets Stuck in a Time Loop
The series’ Executive Producer explains how it all connected.



Original Airdate: December 10th, 2016 | 9:00PM
As dark forces converge, Dirk, Todd, Farah, and Detective Estevez are forced into a final battle: save Lydia Spring, face certain death, or both.


TRAILER: Season 1 Finale
The team face a final battle to save Lydia Spring.


EPISODE CLIP: Saving Lydia Spring
All of the show’s characters converge at Patrick Spring’s house.


CLOSER LOOK: Elijah Wood is Ready for Season 2
The show’s stars wrap their minds around the Season 1 finale.


The series’ Executive Producer explains the season ending and its unlikely villain.