INTERVIEW (AUDIO): Rock 100.5 Morning Show (September 3, 2015) Dragon*Con 2015

Rock 100.5 Morning Show
Date: September 3rd, 2015
By: Jason Bailey, Southside Steve, Tim Andrews, Brandi Britain
Convention: Dragon*Con 2015
Source: Rock 100.5 Morning Show (SoundCloud)

Here is an audio interview that Aaron did with Rock 100.5 Morning Show to promote #FindChiefEp2 at DragonCon 2015. Aaron is on at timestamp 1:34:18 – 1:57:05.

Description: Aaron Douglas from Battlestar Galactica joins the show today, we play another round of Google Feud, there is a problem with Jason’s dog’s testicles, Peter Moylan of the Braves calls the show and so much more on today’s podcast!










Fun hanging with #AaronDouglas from #BattlestarGalactica. #ChiefGalenTyrol

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