THE RETURNED – 1×05: Tony and Adam (April 6, 2015)

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(00:39 – 05:03) Flashback. Mother wakes up Tony because Adam has gotten out. Tony gets in truck and goes to look for him. Adam in tunnel, attacks Julie. Tony finds him and knocks him out with tire iron. Tony carries Adam’s body away. Tony buries Adam alive.
(05:08 – 06:17) Present Day. At cabin. Tony and Adam eating dinner, talking
(20:12 – 22:21) Adam gutting deer, Tony drives up. Tony sees the blood on his hands and gets worried that he’s killed again. They talk, Adam realises that Tony killed him. Adam punches Tony in stomach and holds knife to his throat. Tony begs Adam to kill him. Adam runs away.
(33:07 – 33:36) Girls are sitting at a table at the Dog Star talking, Tony is in background.
(39:01 – 39:27) Tony taking out the trash at the Dog Star. Sees Adam. Waitress calls out for Tony. He looks back and Adam is gone.