INTERVIEW (AUDIO): Carolina Ghostbusters (May 16 – 18, 2014) Xcon World VII 2014

Sci-Fried Eggs Episode 55 #140521
By: M. Doc Geressy and Mikki Stith
Convention: Xcon World VII 2014
Source: Carolina Ghostbusters

Here is an audio interview that Aaron did with M. Doc Geressy and Mikki Stith from Carolina Ghostbusters at Xcon World VII 2014.

Description: This week the Sci-Fried Eggs broadcast live from X Con World VII in Myrtle Beach, SC! The Eggs chat with The Walking Dead star and guitar builder Santiago Cirilo. Doc and Chuck share laughs and a pizza with fellow podcasters The Electric City Nerds. Mikki Stith tags in for Chuck and her and Doc chat with Battlestar Galactica star Aaron Douglas. And finally Doc and Chuck find out all about cats and Russian models and get an interesting Half Dozen answers from actress and model Irina Voronina!