THE KILLING – 3×03: Seventeen (June 9, 2013)

NOTE: The video will wait until it is fully buffered before playing

(07:41 – 09:26) Escorting Seward to the showers. Supervising while prisoners shower.
(27:39 – 27:42) Becker indicates to guard to open gate to let him out. Henderson on other side of gate.
(33:43 – 34:02) Seward and Becker talking. Henderson in background with other guard.
(34:54 – 35:08) (from same scene as above). Henderson calls out to Becker. Henderson looking on as Becker walks out past gate.

(41:22 – 41:43) Henderson walking past Seward’s cell. Sees that Seward has cut himself with razor. Calls for ‘Code Blue’.