TV Interview: Hemlock Grove – Kandyse McClure (March 19, 2013)

TV Interview: Hemlock Grove – Kandyse McClure
By: Mary Anne Butler
Date: March 19, 2013
Source: ComicsOnline

Note: This is a snippet of an interview with Kandyse McClure where she mentions AARON DOUGLAS. To read the full interview, click HERE.

* this phone call is being recorded *

I love how nice it is to let us know it’s being recorded.

It’s so nice, you know. It must be Canadian. *laughs*

Exactly, but it doesn’t say “EH”!

*laughs* Well you know, we don’t ALL say “eh”. It’s a never north eastern Canadian thing. like the way Minnesotans….well you know.

I one time heard someone ask Aaron Douglas to say it at DragonCon. He’s always so nice, I give people mad props for taking the time to say hi to people at cons.

Yeah, he’s hilarious. I nicked named him “Don” Dougglas, because he kind of runs the show at conventions. Well the first time I ever saw him at a con he showed up in this purple velvet smoking jacket with a cigar, and I was like ok, this is a whole new level, and I’m not up to speed. I want to say it was in London, ages ago.

I see you are playing a doctor on this show?

Oh yeah, back to me. But talking about me is boring!! Chasseur, on the other hand, she is a doctor of predator anthology. Basically shes an animal behaviorist, she has this deep fascination with the psychology of predation, the idea that animals hunt and stock their pray. and she’s brought in because they think there is a wild animal on the loose, to hunt the beast.

That’s going to be so much fun for you! I’ve been looking at the cast list, and I bet this has been something different for you in general to work on from what you’ve done in the past

It was so much fun. Such a sense of collaboration, and weirdness but in a great way. we were encouraged to try different ways, quirky and out of the box, They put the cameras in places to catch this stuff, and there was this sense of freedom. And I mean Famke…so brilliant. Self possessed, but i mean that in a really great way. She holds her own, so statuesque and beautiful first of all. She comes into a room and just sort of rules the air, but she’s actually really funny, and kind of silly. really sweet. I had a wonderful time filming with her. And there are SOOOO many handsome men on the set, really, it’s kind of a head turner for me. Dougary Scott, is just sooo debonair and it was great working with Aaron. We actually had scenes together where we talked, we had to really work to not digress into our normal naughty banter. We love giving each other a hard time.

Yay naughty banter!

*laughs* Well, think of him at conventions-

So two drinks in his hands?

*laughs* Well you know, on set he is a consummate professional. He knows the set, he knows the demands, he is very conscientious in terms of really making it the best environment for the actors. He definitely champions the process, but does it in his own way with great ease, scenes with him are just having a conversation. You walk into the scene and you have a conversation. And I really appreciate that.