The Town Pants – The 2012 New Record Sessions (May 23, 2012)

Here are some photos of Aaron in the recording studio for the new THE TOWN PANTS album.

(1). “Gang vocals for the new CD with Aaron Douglas, Dave Keogh and Duane Keogh.”
(2). “Recording with @theaarondouglas on back-up/gang vocals. He’s sporting the #magicrecordingsweater”
(3). “It’s gang vocal day here at Imagined Aire studios… – with Dave Keogh, Aaron Chapman, Duane Keogh and Aaron Douglas.”
(4). “Warming up โ€” with Aaron Douglas, Dave Keogh and Mo Sherwood.”
(5). “Aaron Douglas kicking out the jams. You may recognize him as “Chief Tyrol” from Battlestar Galactica or perhaps “Frank Leo” from The Bridge…either way, he sexes up The Magic Recording Sweater…”


FYI: “The Magic Recording Sweater” (the white sweater with the hearts on it) is just a fun thing the band members and guest musicians/singers took turns wearing during the recording of the album. Check out THIS album for more photos of people wearing it.