THE BRIDGE: CBS vs CTV Comparison (1×04: The Unguarded Moment)

On Thursday I downloaded all 13 episode of season one of THE BRIDGE from the Canadian iTunes store. I started playing the pilot episode and quickly realised that it was the CBS version not the CTV version. WTF?!?!? So the first thing I thought of was the episode that was suppose to air in the USA on Saturday night (1×04: The Unguarded Moment) because I had been told that CBS had edited it. So I opened up the CTV tv version of ‘The Unguarded Moment’ and then I opened up the Canadian iTunes version and played them side by side. The Canadian iTunes version is actually the USA version of the episode because it was exactly word for word, scene for scene through the whole episode, except for (highlight between the ** to read. SPOILER WARNING)

** In the CTV tv version, Anders (the cop) dies in the last scene. In the CTV iTunes version (which is really the CBS version), the cop lives. **

Even though CBS did not air this episode on Saturday night, it is available to purchase in the USA iTunes store. I highly recommend watching this episode. It is my personal favourite of the season.


Below is a link to video clips of both versions.

CTV Version


CBS Version