THE BRIDGE: Difference in CTV and CBS edit of Pilot episode video clip

I don’t know if anyone remembers this but during Aaron’s guest panel at ‘Phoenix Comicon 2010’ he said that the episodes of THE BRIDGE that will air on CBS (USA) will be different edits than what aired on CTV (Canada).

Two days ago CBS put up a clip from the pilot episode on YouTube. While watching it I noticed straight away that it was different because the “Tommy’s Theory of Erelativity” line was missing. So I went back and rewatched the CTV version and compared the scene with the CBS version.

Below is a transcript of the CTV version of the above scene. The parts in red are NOT in the CBS version. And the part where Tommy says “pissed on” in the CTV version, the CBS version has “dumped on”.

Tommy: We’re a necessary evil like chemo, that’s what they think anyway
Frank: Who told you that?
Tommy: Nobody told me. I mean look, you got this here right. Projects. Addicts, hookers, tamels, ms13, bloods, crips, more stuff than we can handle ok
Frank: Yeah but there’s a couple of nice restaurants just down there.
Tommy: Watch it, watch it.
Tommy: Make a right here.
Frank: I’m making a right. Where else am I going to go?
Tommy: Yeah, yeah. Shutup. Let me finish.
Tommy: Like on this side over here you’ve got the poor. Lying and cheating and stealing to pay the rent
Frank: And over this little bridge we go
Tommy: You got the rich. Lying and cheating and stealing…..
Frank: … collect the rent
Tommy: Exactly. You know it’s the same division. Same Police Division. Bridge Division. Except now we’re in like million dollar homes here. And like these upper class people over here they don’t want a cop who just got dumped (pissed) on by some head case patrolling their streets. They want the nice police.
Frank: The ones with the good manners you mean?
Tommy: Exactly. It’s all about…..
Frank: …..the money
Tommy: That’s right. And they pay a lot of money in taxes…..
Frank: …..and they want to get what they paid for.
Tommy: Sure
Frank: You told me this a thousand times. We call it Tommy’s Theory of Erelativity.

Frank: Here we go. Hey is that Hector? Hey, it is too.

If you have already watched the CTV versions of the episodes you might want to watch the CBS ones as well. Who knows what else has been changed. Of course you should watch them again on CBS anyway to help support our guy :)


UPDATE: Below is a link to video clips of both versions.

CTV Version


CBS Version